Water Shine Covered BB Glow Course

Water Shine Covered BB Glow Course Singapore

Korea Water Shine Covered BB Glow Skin Treatment

Korean Semi Permanent Foundation Water Shine Covered BB Glow Training Course 

Beauty Recipe Aesthetics among the first to started the BB Glow Treatment with more than 3 years experience specialised enough to teach the dos and don’ts and of how to get the best results with BB GLOW.  Voted & Awarded Best in Semi Permanent Makeup in the industry.


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Our courses are of high satisfaction levels in our international beauty academy, our certificates are Accredited with worldwide recognition which means you will be able to get insurance to carry out BB Glow and Micro needle therapy system  services in any country. Please send us a email request if you require insurance after your course completion with your certificate. We have qualified trainers to train in English, French, Spanish…etc. We are also looking for more trainers to join us in our international online training academy after receiving our training. 

We are also the wholesale supplier for Stayve Meso Foundation and various products used for bb glow and micro needling (http://beautyrecipe.com.sg/stayve-bb-glow-mts/). With increasing popularity and high demand for this semi permanent foundation treatment, we are offering LIVE online video chat training for overseas students to enjoy the best results & effects of this great treatment.

Learn to get the best results with us to completely change your clients’ skin condition with other Korean skin treatment techniques that will compliment with the BB Glow. Most thought the treatment is just rolling the product on the face with MTS to do this BB Glow but trust me, it is not so easy as that to get results. 

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We are able to provide certification that is this a safe treatment with the Stayve Meso Foundation Camo which is KFDA approved and the best organic product for this micro pigmentation treatment with no side effects to ensure maximum results and customer satisfaction. For bulk purchase of BB glow MTS ampoules items, machines, MTS nano needles or training programme arrangement please contact us.

Stayve BB Glow Meso Semi Permanent Foundation

Stayve BB Glow Meso Semi Permanent Foundation Product

Stayve BB Glow Meso Semi Permanent Foundation Product 1Stayve BB Glow Meso Semi Permanent Foundation Product 2

stayve repair cream lifting pack exfoliating gel neutralizing foam

List Of Stayve Products Available for Sale:

    1. Stayve MESO Foundation No. 1 Light – Lightest Shade for light Skin (12 bottles)
    2. Stayve MESO Foundation No. 1-2 Light Rose – Pinkish light shade, Ideal for people with light skin tone (10 bottles)
    3. Stayve MESO Foundation No. 2 Medium – medium skin tones (10 bottles)
    4. Stayve MESO Foundation No. 3 Deep – For dark skin tones (10 bottles)
    5. Stayve MESO Foundation No. 3-2 Deep Plus – Darkest Shade for darker skin tones (10 bottles)
    6. Stayve MESO AC Stem Cell Gold – Revitalizing, repair and cell regeneration (10 bottles)
    7. Stayve MESO Whitening (Wrinkle) Stem Cell Culture – Lifting, firming and tightening (10 bottles)
    8. Stayve MESO EGF Peptide Gold Ampoule – stimulates collagen growth (10 bottles)
    9. Stayve MESO Salmon DNA Gold Serum – Rapid Injury Healing and Regeneration (10 bottles)
    10. Stayve MESO Aqua Stem Cell Culture – Intense Hydration & moisture(10 bottles)
    11. Stayve Whitening & Lifting Pack (10 treatments)
    12. Stayve Derma White Neutralising Foam & Exfloliating Gel
    13. Stayve Repair Cream

Link to products descriptions: http://beautyrecipe.com.sg/stayve-bb-glow-mts/

Stayve BB GLOW Foundation Colors


Course Details:

Course Objectives : To equip Learners with the necessary professional skills to confidently perform Water Shine Covered BB Glow micro pigmentation treatments & Micro needling for semi permanent makeup foundation.

Course Fee: $1088 Singapore Dollars ($800 USD)

 (Course fees $250 can be subsidised with Skills Future Credit Grant eligible for Singaporeans only

Certificate awarded completion of course

Course Duration: 1 day

Training Hours: 8 Hours

Training Kit included in Training Fee

Materials given:

– Korean MTS Machine(15 speed settings tailored for skin treatment)

– KFDA approved Plant Based Organic Colour Pigments from Korea 1 box (12 bottles)

– 12 MTS Nano needles

– 12 Stayve After care repair cream

– Rice Spa

mts BB lips tint bb blush products
Bonus Additional Training Techniques taught besides Water shine cover bb glow treatment includes:
– BB Blush Tint
– BB Lips Tint
– Vitamin C Booster Treatment (ultimate nutrients to skin)
-Throughall double cleansing technique
– Lymphatic Drainage Massage
– Korean Golki Small Face Massage (Hot!)
–  Black Head and Pimple Extractions
– Micro Needling / Derma Roller with Skin Booster (ultimate skin hydration treatment)
– Eye bag/ Dark circle eye treatment
– Organic Pumpkin Peel System(*Popular)
–  Organic Rice Spa pimples/Acne Natural Healing Skin Treatment System
– LED light Photo therapy Treatment


Golki Korean Kyung rak small face massage

Golki (meaning ‘bone tonification’ in Korean) utilises special bone massage techniques to reshape the bone structure of your face. Whether it’s a V-shaped jaw you desire, higher cheekbones or a slimmer face, Golki will do just that for you.

Other advantages includes
– Improvement of  circulation to achieve better complexion

– Stimulates blood flow to your skin & muscles to supply nutrients and carry away toxins.

Korean Organic Pumpkin Peel Treatment


Pumpkin peel therapy is an advance exfoliating treatment to combat aging and acne. This amazing hypoallegenic peeling combines 100% natural enzymes from pumpkin which brings nutrients and vitamins to the skin, AHA and BHA ingredients that are effective for exfoliating and simultaneously breaks rough and fine dead skin cells. Pumpkin is rich in vitamin A, B, C, E, K photochemicals, minerals and omega fatty acids for ultimate skin rejuvenation.

Pumpkin has the highest concentration of Vitamin A of any vegetables! Pumpkin peels have been known to stimulate circulation and promote healing of the skin due to the beta carotene and vitamin A. Those with sensitive skin will be able to tolerate a pumpkin peel because it is not too intrusive. larity and skin smoothness will be seen immediately following a pumpkin peel.


Easy to follow, fun and interesting lessons with happy students from all over the world.

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Trainer Profile

Head Beautician of over 40 years experience     

Student does not need to have any beauty background to attend this course. This course will provide student with full confidence to start provide full facial treatment after learning. We have lined up course dates every week. Do give me a call and talk to us.

Call/SMS/Whatsapp at +65 9859 3982 for more info or email us at enquirybeautyrecipe@gmail.com