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Korean Golki Small Face Care

achievE a V-shape and smaller face Naturally

Korean Golki Small Face Care Therapy + Facial First Trial Price : $188

Small Face Massage Golki Face Slimming Singapore

Benefits of Korean Golki?

Korean Golki Small Face Care combines Osteopathic & Aesthetic Treatment. 

On top of achieving a V-shape and smaller face by natural means, this facial massage can help women achieve glowing skin and bring forth significant health benefits by enhancing blood circulation.

Golki Small Face Care involves the process of stimulating the bones through muscles which is why the other name for this is known as ''bone setting'' facial. Facial Asymmetry would be achieved with a more balanced face and achieving face slimming effect.

With Golki Small Face Care, it helps to improve waste discharge, detox away the toxins and increase the supply of nutrients to our skin which results in long-term natural beauty.

Korean Golki Small Face Slimming Care Massage Singapore 1

Half Face Done for Comparison

You can expect to see results in 1 treatment with results lasting for around 3 - 4 weeks. We recommend 10-20 sessions(depending on individuals) at once a week for a long term effect of ‘’shifting’’ the bone. 

The jaw line, side of face, cheeks, eye and brow are all lifted after 1 treatment showing in the photo of the half face done. The skin feels softer and brighter as well after the Korean Golki Small Face Treatment. 

Each Treatment includes Deep Facial Cleansing, Ultrasonic Peel with Mask Treatment along side the Korean Golki Small Face Massage. 



Korean Golki Small Face Slimming Care Massage Singapore

Korean Golki Small Face Slimming Massage Course Available

Training Kit includes:

– Mummy Clay Mask x 15

- Aromatherapy Remodelling Face Massage Cream

Contact us at to enquire on schedule & prices

Both Live and Online Training Course are Available

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