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BB Glow & MTS System with Korean Skincare Treatments Course

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BB Glow & MTS System with Korean Skincare Treatments Course

This is still the hottest beauty topic in the world now – Water Shine Covered BB Glow Skin <驻颜粉底>

Why Choose Us?

Beauty Recipe Aesthetics Voted & Awarded Best in Semi Permanent Makeup, eyelash and facials. Our trainers are experienced, well trained and updated with the latest techniques in Korea every year to bring you the latest trend with the best treatments available out there. We are among the first to started BB Glow 5 years ago and have the best way to produce the results with combination of treatments with BB Glow.

 Our certificates are recognised worldwide and you will be able to arrange for indemnity insurance in your country if needed for our courses and will assist you through the process. Our course is fully ACCREDITED unlike other courses on the market right now that are not!

We know the right way, type of tools & needles to be used during treatment. 


We know the right flow of treatments, additional techniques during the bb glow treatment with the MTS machine to penetrate the skin without trauma or redness.


We know which organic products can be used to together with the bb glow treatment to enhance the effects.


We know how to prepare the skin before doing the bb glow treatment for better& longer lasting results.

Learn to pick the right shade.


You get to learn about the whole Micro needling System Therapy and what is the difference between them and which type to use for different skin needs.

Many BONUS Korean skin care treatments and additional techniques will be also taught during this course. 

We are also the wholesale supplier for Stayve Meso Foundation and various products used for bb glow and mesotherapy. With increasing popularity and high demand for this treatment, we also have online video chat training for overseas students anywhere in the world to enjoy the best results & effects of this great treatment.

BB GLOW facial treatment training course singapore
BB GLOW facial treatment training course singapore

Link to Stayve Products 

Types of MTS Stayve Ampoules

  1. MESO Foundation No. 1 – For Fair Skin
  2. MESO Foundation No. 1 – 2 For Fair Skin more pink undertones 
  3. MESO Foundation No. 2 – For Tanned Skin & Men 
  4. MESO Foundation No. 3 – For African / Dark Indian Skin 
  5. MESO Foundation No. 3 – 2 – For Face Contouring  
  6. MESO AC Stem Cell Gold – Revitalizing, repair and cell regeneration 
  7. MESO Salmon DNA Gold – PDRN Skin Regeneration & Anti-inflammation
  8. MESO Whitening Stem Cell Culture  – Whitening & Reduce Wrinkles 
  9. MESO Aqua Stem Cell Culture – Intense Hydration 
  10. MESO EGF Peptide Gold Ampoule – Stimulates collagen growth 
BB GLOW facial treatment training course singapore

International Accredited Certification for BB GLOW & Microneedling Therapy System

Certain countries requires insurance to carry out micro needling treatments so let us know if you do need to apply for insurance and we will be happy to assist with our insurance providers in various countries through our certifications.

Top Beauty Educator Trainer

Learn from Top Experience and Internationally Qualified Beauty Training Specialist. 

Get quality training from the BEST.

 BB GLOW & MTS  System with Korean Skin Treatments Course

Course Details:

Course Objectives : To equip Learners with the necessary professional skills to confidently perform Water Shine Covered BB Glow Microneedling Therapy System MTS treatment with a full facial treatments and more...etc

Certificate of attendance awarded upon completion of course

Course Provider: THE BEAUTY RECIPE (UEN: 53208125X)

Course Title: BB Glow & MTS System with Korean Skincare Treatments Course

Course reference number: TGS-2022010803

Course Fee: $300 Singapore Dollars (SFC eligible)

Material Kit + Machine: $500 Singapore Dollars (excluded from course fee)

Course Duration: 1 day (9.00 hours)

Eligible for Claim Period: 13 Jan 2022 - 12 Jan 2024

Mode of Training: Part Time , in-house training

*Course materials are not eligible for SkillsFuture claim. Trainees are required to make an additional payment for the material kit as this is a hands-on type class.


Materials Kit Include: 

1. Korean MTS Machine(5 speed settings tailored for skin treatment) 

2. Stayve KFDA Approved Plant Based Organic Colour Pigments and Stayve Mesotherapy Serums (12 bottles) 

3. 10 MTS needles

4. Stayve Repair Cream x 5

5. Pure Vitamin C x 2 

6. Derma Roller  


Course Content:

Additional Training Techniques taught besides Water shine cover bb glow treatment includes:


- Double deep cleansing technique

– Lymphatic Drainage Massage

– Korean Golki Small Face Massage (hot!)

–  Black Head and Pimple Extractions by Charcoal* 

– Instant Eye bag/ Dark circle eye treatment with RF

– Organic Pumpkin Peel System(*Popular) 

– LED light Photo therapy Treatment

- Vitamin C Booster Treatment Whitening

- Derma Roller Needling

- BB Glow & MTS Therapy System


- BB Blush Tint (Instructional Video)

- BB Lip Tint (Instructional Video)

*Charcoal usage will be according to model skin type*

Golki Korean Kyung rak small face massage

“Many people would like to try to figure out themselves by trial and error. Or took random classes from other places. End up, they still come to learn with us as we have the most complete training”

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Caroline - Australia

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Had a great day with Rina and Jessie for the Watershine BB Glow, blush & lips course at their Orchard Gateway outlet. Learnt a lot from them as both are such easy going and lovely ladies. Recommended!!!

Jas Kay-lin - Singapore


I really enjoyed the lessons and learnt so much. Now I can improve the way to do facials with better results & techniques that was never taught to me before in my other aesthetician courses.

Anna - USA 

BB GLOW facial treatment training course singapore

Importance of right tools & depth

When to use needles that are 0.2mm-1.0mm in length?

When to use dermapen micro needling, derma rollers, Micro infusion?

What is nano needles or plastic needles? 

What products most suited for each of these MTS techniques?

Long needles should be avoided because of the minuscule amount of
BB coloring agent present in BB Glow.

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