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The Beauty Recipe offer SFC-eligible courses for local Singaporeans. We have trained over 5000 students from 30 different countries.

Whether you are already a business owner looking to create more income with learning a new skill that is greatly in trend right now or someone looking at learning something new where you could do freelance for more income or learning new skills for your own interest to DIY and take care of yourself. We have more than 30 different beauty courses all the right courses for everyone.

Send us an email of with your enquiry, we would be happy to give advise on the courses available.

About WaxXXX 

Waxing is not about just hair removal or about waxing products. The market place is searching for perfection. The perfect touch and the perfect feel. And it is with these objectives that WAX XXX is born. We are about removing hairs with finesse. Desire and passion is to bring this art to perfection.

Wax XXX is about a wax that is X-tra strong to remove hair, X-tra soft texture on the skin and X-tra smooth skin after the hair removal.

Our vision is to develop new partners and to bring them a premium wax from France at an affordable price to develop new business with higher profit margins.

Our mission is to bring to as many salons & spas the WAX XXX Education Program (EP) and the Business Plus Program (BPP). We have with the EP trained more than 2000 therapists in our region, qualifying and certifying many Wax Technicians. The BPP was designed to ensure that all our partners will grow in leaps and bounce with a program that fiercely guards their profit margin, ensuring growth. The EP & BPP are vehicles that not only set our company apart but has helped many of our partners to achieve their goals.


Duration: 4 Days

Fees: $900


Duration: 2 Days

Fees: $650


Duration: 2 Days

Fees: $650


Duration: 2 Days

Fees: $650

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