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Henna Eyebrow Tinting

Henna Eyebrow Tinting is perfect for those who:

 – Wants to go out without applying makeup every day 

 – Not sure about getting semi permanent eyebrow embroidery done

 – Would like to have a trial shape with tinting temporally before confirming going for semi permanent eyebrow embroidery 

While we all love fuller-looking brows, only a few are naturally blessed with such features. This is exactly why many women choose to go for eyebrow tinting, a time-saving beauty trick that allows one to achieve the makeup look effortlessly.

What is Eyebrow Tinting?

Eyebrow tinting is a beauty procedure where one’s brows are made to look fuller, darker and more flattering via the tinting or dyeing method. This method is less permanent and more affordable as compared to eyebrow embroidery. Regardless of gender, tinting is suitable for anyone who wants to transform their sparse into the highly enviable high-definition brows.

Procedure, Results, Before and Aftercare

The entire process takes about 30 minutes.

The tint lasts around 4 – 6 weeks, but this may differ for different people. While it may look too dark initially, it will eventually fade to a more natural colour – a darker colour is often used so that the tint lasts.

Brows and lash tinting is safe when done by a skilled trained beautician and Beauty Recipe uses the safe products.

A little aftercare will also allow the tint to last longer. Keep your brows and lashes dry for at least 24 hours after the session. Avoid oil-based products like cleansers for they can strip the tint from your brows and lashes; use gel or cream-based cleansers instead.

The natural and picture-perfect look is easily achievable with eyebrow and eyelash tinting. For eyelash tinting, if you are into a bolder look, applying mascara on top of your tinted lashes will easily do the trick.

Products Used:

Elleebana Brow Henna – The next generation in eyebrow tinting
– Natural eyebrow tinting with tattoo effect on the skin
– Low cost per application
– Gentle and innovative formulation
– Stays on hair up to 6 weeks
– No ammonia or hydrogen peroxide
– Vegan and Cruelty free

How does it work?

The way Elleebana Henna works on the hair and skin structure is incredibly unique in comparison to tinting. Tinting uses an oxidant to open the cuticle of the hair and allows color to penetrate the brow hairs cortex through the oxidation process.

Henna on the other hand, acts like a blanket over the hair and provides a coating to the hair shaft, coating the top layers of the hair cuticle only.  As the brow cuticle has a scale like finish this coating smooths out the finish, almost like buffing out the hair imperfections to give the appearance of a thicker, softer and smoother hair and eyebrow.

The process of brow henna using the Elleebana brand does not require an oxidant or hydrogen peroxide to activate the color or to oxidize the color through the hair shaft and as the product is plant based this natural alternative is a great option for those with sensitivities or who prefer the finish of a skin stain through their brow.

Benefits of Henna Brow Tinting

Elleebana’s innovative formula helps to strengthen hair, restore growth and the natural shape of the eyebrows.  A luxurious palette of natural shades which can be used individually or mixed together to create the ultimate brow color for your client.  

Elleebana’s Brow Henna coloring agents are derived from a Henna Plant or Henna tree. The higher the quality of henna is derived when extracted from the leaves and flowers of the henna plant and offers far more superior skin stain or brow coloration.  

Elleebana has worked for years to source the best possible suppliers of high quality henna plants and use a manufacturing process that maintains the integrity of the color to a very high superiority.

Containing hydrolyzed proteins, vitamin complex and anti-oxidants, Elleebana’s Brow Henna helps to strengthen and restore hair growth and improves the natural condition of the eyebrow hair. This makes it perfect for people who have sparse, over plucked brows or are still recovering from a nightmare waxing experience.

These unique additions to the range are innovative, set the brand apart from its competitors and a true genius for the evolution of brow enhancement services.

Our professional range of Elleebana Brow Henna consist of 7 highly pigmented, luxurious colors, perfect for each skin type and tone, however it is easy enough to mix a customized brow color for your client to create true brow magic. Elleebana Brow Henna contains no ammonia, lead or peroxide which helps to minimize the body’s natural absorption of nasties.

Eyebrow Tinting & Eyelash Tinting Prices

Price for eyebrow tinting (including eyebrow trimming) = $58

Price for Eyelash Tinting = $20

Eyebrow Henna Tinting Results

Eyebrow Tinting Singapore
Eyebrow Tinting Singapore 1

If you love the shape that we did the tinting for you, do consider to proceed with our eyebrow embroidery services.

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