Needleless sMTS Soluble Mirconeeding System Training Course

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Learn to be able to achieve instant results with no down time through the latest no needle spicule crystal high-tech from Korea available to you now.  

Course Enrolments close on December 31st 2020


How to do Micro-needling with no needles?

Micro needling and derma rollers are known for great results in terms of skin regeneration as it is a very effective way to stimulate collagen and growth of new cells for the skin. But Microneedling causes unnecessary damage with longer recovery time while derma rollers causes irregular channels so it is less effective. So with this amazing technique which I am going to show you today, you can put Micro needling and derma rollers behind you and embrace the new sMTS (Soluble Microneedle Therapy System). 

The sMTS (Soluble Microneedle Therapy System) Facial includes soluble micro-needling particles that safely delivers active ingredients, such as Hyaluronic Acid, EGF, Stem Cell, PDRN and other proteins/peptides to promote cell renewal.

Unlike traditional micro-needling, there’s no scratching or puncturing of the skin.

The results will stand out like no other. Illuminate and smoothen your skin with the use of this innovative technology – Soluble Microneedles. Expect a brighter and younger-looking skin that is exceptionally moisturised and hydrated!

No injection, no pain, no scar, no hassle, it’s suitable for all skin types.

What is sMTS (Soluble Microneedle Therapy System)?

Needleless Soluble Microneedles Therapy System also known as sMTS Treatment is the latest craze taking over the Korean Beauty Skin care industry at the moment with the latest innovation technology invention of the soluble micro-spicule crystal. If you are looking at finding the perfect solution to better skin with immediate radiant glow results without going under needles. This is it!

With just one treatment, the results stands out never like any other. Transform your skin with the use of soluble needle innovative technology with SOLUBLE (dissolving) MICRONEEDLE(currently the first in the World) it guarantees results, there is no insertion, no pain, no scar and hassle free.

Why you need it?

sMTS also acts like a Micro-Filler, a revolutionary, anti-aging and non-invasive treatment that plumps up volume loss on the face instantly without the use of needles. This transdermal delivery treatment contains groundbreaking Hyaluronic Acid Micro-Spicules that deliver a rejuvenating cocktail of Hyaluronic Acid, Stem cell, Plant EGF and other proteins/peptides to directly transform the skin, focus on repair and reverse signs of ageing.

Compare the photo of the model below who did half the face for comparison. You will see that the left side that was done instantly looks fuller with instant volume, radiance, especially the laugh line becomes less obvious.

Benefits of smts microneedling therapy system

How Does it work?

Our skin not only keeps various substances including water inside the body but also prevents harmful substances from infiltrating into the body. Because of this property, it is not easy to deliver drugs into the skin, and many studies have been carried out to increase the efficiency of delivering the drug into the skin. Our soluble Microneedle particles help surpass this skin barrier and are effective in increasing skin permeability of the unstable substances, such as growth factors and peptides.

Imagine it under the microscope below, the micro-spicule looks like a very tiny and fine needle that looks like glass crystal which can easily penetrated and poke into the pores without breaking the skin or cause any unnecessary damage to the skin. The micro-spicule is made with Hyaluronic Acid and the other active ingredients that are soluble upon entering the skin.

Microneedles dissolve into the moisture in your skin. These are microphotographs of before and after sMTS application, showing how the Hyaluronic acid ad EGF microneedles melt deep into the skin’s outermost layer. The needle-shaped with active ingredients dissolves away into the skin after application.

What does it contains?

SOLUBLE (dissolving) MICRONEEDLE| EGF | Stem Cells | PDRN | HA | and other proteins/peptides

The sMTS Oil Spicule Essence enclosed in this kit contains hyaluronate (HA) based micro-spicules with skin boosting materials like oligopeptide-1, Edelweiss (leontopodium alpinum) callus culture extract, and floret polydeoxynucleotide.

The sMTS Triple Activating Serum, a dissolving serum for micro-spicules, contains skin moisturising hyaluronic acid, skin whitening niacinamide, and anti-wrinkle agent adenosine.

This professional bio-cosmetic treatment applies the proprietary sMTS technology facilitates the delivery of active ingredients deep into the skin.

How can it guarantee results?

Good Stablilty – EGF(epidermal growth factor) can lose its efficiency when added to cosmetics. The activity of EGF is guaranteed by sMTS technology and its formulation. 

Good delivery – Soluble Micro Needle delivers active ingredients such as EGF, Hyaluronic acid and protein/peptides deep in skin layer. 

Preservative Free – Contains only beneficial ingredients

Regular Growth Factor Polypeptides like EGF are susceptible to hydrolysis (chemical breakdown due to the reaction with water) or modification when added in normal cosmetics. The MS-EGF’s stability is guaranteed by the advanced sMTS technology with much deeper penetration and longer lasting results.

Growth Factor Polypeptides like EGF are susceptible to hydrolysis or modification, if added in normal cosmetics. EGF stability in the sMTS Oil Crystal Essence Set is guaranteed by novel, advanced, and patent applied soluble MTS technologies.

The below ultrasound image shows the measurement of dermal depth and density of the skin before, after regular EGF and after micro-spicule EGF.

sMTS soluble Needleless Microneedling Therapy System

How long can the treatment last?

The long-lasting results can last easily for 8 – 16 weeks depending on individuals. The above ultrasound scan show that even after 8 weeks the EGF are still present in the skin. Although you should encourage your client to visit you at least once a month for repeat treatment and use sMTS aftercare products to prolong and enhance the effect further.

How much money can you potentially make from this?

On Average this clinical grade premium skin treatment facial with instant results can be charged at $150 - $250 USD depending on your country and location.

Needleless sMTS Soluble Mirconeeding System Training Course

Needleless Soluble Microneedling Training Course is available Online Now.

Get your business profit up by introducing this clinical grade intensive skin care treatment with no pain and ALL GAIN!

Isn't this gonna impress all your clients when you combine the anti-ageing effects of professional micro-needling procedures with the nourishing benefits without using of needles or any downtime with instant results.


They will be so happy to experience a remarkable difference as fine lines, wrinkles and imperfections fade away and skin feels softer, smoother, more even skin tone, plumped with a youthful luminous glow with radiant skin .


Enriched with Hyaluronic Acid to replenish and retain vital moisture for a plumper, firmer skin texture, the formula also utilises anti-inflammatory probiotics to soothe sensitive skin. Simple to use, the treatment helps to minimise the appearance of common skin complaints such as acne scars, pigmentation and wrinkles to leave skin smoother, brighter and more youthful-looking.

Below shows the BEFORE & AFTER results in 1 session...

Needleless soluble micro needling therapy system
sMTS soluble Microneedling Therapy System 1
Needleless soluble micro needling therapy system


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Why Take The Course From Beauty Recipe Academy?

International Beauty Academy

International accredited educator for UK, USA and Korea Certifications available that is recognised Worldwide for Insurance Support.

Multi-Award Winning

Award for Best Permanent Makeup Services, Eyelash, Best Organic Facial, innovative products consisting of over 100,000 customers and experts recommendation by Spa & Salon Beauty Insider Award

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Here’s what people are saying about the course

Our courses have helped many students built up their business, improved their business and open their mind to new way of doing things.


United Kingdom

The results speaks for themselves. Can't wait to roll this treatment out in the UK.

Tiger training academy Ireland founder



I personally fly in to train with Beauty Recipe Academy every year as they always have the best trainers, new techniques and new innovative beauty treatments all the time which I then teach it in my academy back in Ireland.

BB Glow Training Course Student



Even their online courses are far better than many of the courses that I trained locally in my country. 

The stuffs they teach enable to do all my existing treatments in a more efficient way with better results. I really enjoyed the course.

Since these 3 testimonials are just after you’ve introduced your course, they should focus on how the course helped customers to obtain a huge benefit.

What’s in the course

There are 4 modules for the course.


Module 1: Theory of sMTS and how to market this service to your clients

- How sMTS has more advantage and benefits compared to traditional microneedling method


- How sMTS will work for any skin types.

- Marketing materials 


Module 2: Cleansing without drying the skin

- How to prevent skin irritation and use gentle cleansing method to effectively remove skin impurities and makeup residues. This will help the skin to stay moisturised for a long period of time. 

- Learn how to hydrate as you cleanse with balancing Skin pH level. 

- Learn why Low irritation. Free of fragrances, mineral oil, alcohol & non colorant products are important during treatment.


Module 3: Application of sMTS

- Detailed demonstration step by step of how sMTS is done.


Module 4: Understanding Aftercare & Products

- How you can make even more profit on top of your treatment by recommending your client of how they can take care of their skin with sMTS after care products which you can promote to them.

About The Course Trainer,
(Jessie Ting)

Hi, I am Jessie. Coming from a humble background and seeing how passionate my mother was with beauty industry for over 40 years of her life, my dream and passion since young is to make a difference through beauty to impact peoples' lives."

Other than getting trained by my mum for 20 years, I was trained in UK and Korea 15 years ago to study all about aesthetics so that I can become a beauty expert level 3 educator to train others. I am also directly coached and mentored by Branko Barbic Founder and CEO of world most famous eyebrow Phibrows Training Academy. 


Beauty Recipe believe in using the best products and technologies for beauty treatments that is safe for our clients. All ladies can be confident without makeup on their faces. Beauty is for everyone and we aim to become the best beauty provider to all our customers.

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