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Eyeliner Embroidery

Giving you the best deal for Natural Eyeliner Embroidery in Singapore

  • Are you looking for ways to make your eyes look bigger and more awake?
  • Tired of constantly having the need to draw on the eyeliner before you go out?
  • Or having to touch up your eyeliner as it falls off during the day? 

How about as soon as you wake up in the morning to see a pair of beautiful bright eyes staring back at you?

Eyes are the most important feature that one would enhance when putting on makeup. The availability of semi-permanent makeup technology like eyebrow embroidery, eyeliner embroidery and lip embroidery has made it possible to look good ALL THE TIME. Even when you are sleeping, you can be a sleeping beauty...

You have landed on the right place, we are the most advance when it comes to Semi Permanent Makeup and won multiples awards for our skills and innovations. Being an international accredited academy, we had trained over 5000 students from all over the world. 

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Latest in Town:  Starry Ombre Eyeliner Shadow Embroidery in Singapore

Starry Ombre Shadow Mist Eyeliner Embroidery Singapore
Starry Ombre Shadow Mist Eyeliner Embroidery Singapore

Starry Ombre Eyeliner Shadow is the best way to enhance the beauty of the eyes and to create eyes lifting effect with Semi permanent makeup which is waterproof, smudge-proof and completely natural. It's a technique which looks like daily makeup done with pencil or shadow. The tails of the liners are darker and fades into a lighter shade smokey effect further it goes up from the lash line, giving a perfect Ombre makeup affect. This effect looks amazing and you need not spend hours on eye makeup anymore.


Best Eyeliner Embroidery Singapore

Eyeliner Makes A Big Difference

Eyeliner embroidery is a semi-permanent makeup usually done either on the top of the upper eye line or outer half of the lower eye line to make the eyes look more defined, awake and refresh.

Beauty Recipe uses organic plants dye with latest hand tool or nano machine method after analysing which is more suitable for you to do the eyeliner embroidery which is painless and effective. So far everyone is simply amazed how painless the process can be at Beauty Recipe. 

Our pigments contain no heavy metal content, titanium oxide or iron oxide which are normally found in the market. We have also added intense black powder into our nano tech pigments. The particles of the Nano size pigments are much smaller so it is able to penetrate and get absorb much easier into the skin.  

With high absorption of our Nano Pigments, the job gets done with half the time so there is minimum breakage of the skin if you are wondering why our clients' photos on here & Instagram taken right after procedure have no swelling, redness or felt much pain during the process.

With nano organic plant dye, you need not worry about skin sensitivity issues and the colour pigments will not change colour overtime.

Types of Eyeliner Embroidery Singapore


Different Style that suits you...

Choose between 

A: Inner Lash Line Eyeliner Embroidery (Most Natural) 
B: Lash Line Eyeliner Embroidery 
C: Classic Eyeliner Embroidery 

Make your eyes bigger, brighter and lash line thicker by doing Eyeliner Embroidery. 

Painless with new technology & 3 step numbing technique. We are able to use  both manual and machine method. So the therapist will analyse your skin type and eye shape to determine which method will be more suitable for you. Less sensitive to the eyes and better colour absorption with no bleeding.

Therapist will design and draw the eyeliner shape for you beforehand.

Promo Price:

$220 for Normal Eyeliner Embroidery 

$350 for Starry Ombre Eyeliner Shadow Embroidery

Frequently Asked Questions...

How long does it last?  

Depending on skin type. Around 3-5 years.

Does it changes colour over time? 

No. It will stay black as Beauty Recipe only believe in using high quality organic material. Not become green or blue over time unlike pigments that contains metallic ingredients.

How long does it swell for? 

Some have no swelling and some mild swelling about 1-2 days max. Use ice pack throughout the day of procedure and  on the night of procedure before going to sleep. Rest your eyes and take it easy on the first day.Try not to strain your eyes too much on the first day by staring too much on the phone or computer.

Is the process painful? 

Good Quality Numbing Cream and intermediate numbing liquid is applied to prevent any discomfort during the session with 3 steps numbing. We are well known for non painful eyebrow, eyeliner and lip embroidery service. We want our customer to feel as comfortable as possible. If there is any discomfort during the process, please inform your therapist.  

Process how long? 

About 1 hour 

Can I choose the thickness of the eyeliner done? 

You can request the eyeliner therapist to draw the eyeliner for you first for you to see the exact effect, shape and thickness before starting the process. Choose between normal eyeliner embroidery or our latest Starry Ombre Eyeliner Shadow. 

Should I go for upper liner or lower liner or both? 

Upper line is always encouraged because it will surely make a big difference to beautify and define your eyes. For Lower eyeliner, the eyeliner therapist will have to look at the shape of the eyes and the age of the customer in order to advise if it is suitable as not everyone will look good with lower eyeliner.

Will it be natural looking? 

Of course it will as it is done on the lash line to make your eyelashes look thicker, define and open up your eyes more. In makeup, this is called tight lining with eyeliner pencil, but with the eyeliner embroidery you need not line your eyes everyday anymore. If you want your eyeliner thicker, we advise you use eyeliner during makeup as it is best to keep semi-permanent makeup eyeliner as natural as possible. 

You decide for the thickness and type.

Eyeliner Embroidery work...

Below showcase clients' condition right after procedure. 

No swelling, no redness, no pain during procedure.

Best Eyeliner Embroidery Singapore
Best Eyeliner Embroidery Singapore
Best Eyeliner Embroidery Singapore
Best Eyeliner Embroidery Singapore
Best Eyeliner Embroidery Singapore
Best Eyeliner Embroidery Singapore

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