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WSQ Course: “Show-Me” - Demonstration 

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WSQ Course: “Show-Me” - Demonstration

Course Objectives

Learners will be able to: To develop knowledge of the range and price of the organization's products and services, as well as present and demonstrate the use and application of products and services to customers. This also includes the ability to explain product applications, benefits and features, evaluate recommended products with clients as well as respond to client enquiries.

We are able to tailor the course to suit specific  industry. For example, beauty treatments or beauty product demonstration for beauty business or others. 

WSQ Funded Course Details

“Show-Me” - Demonstration Course

​Course ID: TGS-2022014965
Course Provider: THE BEAUTY RECIPE
UEN: 53208125X

Eligible Claim Period: 8 Sept 2022 - 07 Sept 2024

Mode of Training: Part Time, Classroom based training

2 Days - (18 hours)

Course Fees: $450 

(50% funded by WSQ for 21-39 year old and Singapore PR) 

(70% funded by WSQ for above 40 year old)

SFC Eligible for the remaining course fees after WSQ funding

We will contact you to reply your enquiries, course details and schedules. 

Course Content:

  • Product demonstration is one of the best sales tools if we have a high-quality product or service. A product demonstration helps retailer get a prospective customers or investors interested and excited about their solution. It is also an effective way to address the prospect's specific product-related concerns. This module highlights how to explain product applications, benefits and features, evaluate recommended products with client as well as respond to client enquiries This knowledge would help learners stay up-to-date on product features and knowledge to advise and inform customers of usage and care of products or services. It also helps to provide better service to their customers and in turn, help their organisations gain new prospect and retain their customers, ensuring the continual success of these organisations.

  • LO1 – able to check all product stocks are displayed and prepared for demonstration in accordance to the organisational security guidelines.
  • LO2 – able to check all areas of product demonstration and technical documentation requirements are met.

  • LO3 – able to sell the information about product features and benefits on the type of product presented, as compare to the competitors.
  • LO4 – able to apply the- communication and questioning techniques to interact with customer in product demonstration

  • LO5 – able to apply selling strategies to close sale of products and services which complying with Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act

  • LO6 – able to response to the different type of customers’ enquiries and feedback to advise customers of any follow up actions needed on products and services

  • LO7 – Able to identify customer buying signals to close sale of products and services in accordance to organisational procedure.

Upgrade your skills on how to demonstrate any products or treatments effectively and professionally to your clients to generate more sales for your business!

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