Micro Pigmentation 

Hairline Embroidery / Side Burn with Micro Pigmentation

Hairline-embroidery-vs-microblading-tattoo micro pigmentation Singapore

Comparison between Typical Hairline Embroidery technique to Beauty Recipe's Hairline Micropigmentation

The perfect solution to immediate fuller natural hair. Hairline & Scalp Micro-pigmentation Procedures at Beauty Recipe Aesthetics & Academy are performed by highly trained and UK qualified specialists as this procedure requires very steady hands of someone who has many years with Micro pigmentation experience as major nerves and meridian points for our whole body system are on the top of our head and side where the hairline are.

Let us share with you the difference between typical hairline embroidery & our innovative painless technique.

Typical Hairline Embroidery : Giving the illusion of hair by using a micro-blade. Blading and cutting into the client’s skin in an invasive way which might result in bleeding and swelling thereafter. Looks like awkward broken lines and unnatural after. Posses a higher risk of infection and requires downtime to recovery· Requires to apply after care products and avoid washing hair for 5 – 7 days. Creates an artificial and blotchy after effect.

Our Hairline Restoration/Scalp Micro-pigmentation : Creates precise tiny replicated hair follicles. Superficially imbed pigments onto the skin/scalp in an non-invasive way which do not bleed or swelling thereafter. No topical numbing cream needs to be use during procedure· Reduced risk of infection and requires no downtime. Clients are able to wash and shampoo their hair as normal the next day without feeling any discomfort. Creates a natural looking effect. Suitable for both men & women.

This is the latest Breakthrough in the Cosmetic Tattoo Industry. Beauty Recipe Aesthetics & Academy is proud to present Scalp & Hairline Micro-pigmentation with our over 10 years of experience in this and the hands and control need to be extremely stable to prevent smudge of pigments.

10 Reasons to Choose Beauty Recipe Aesthetics & Academy

1. We are the first worldwide accredited company that achieved UK and South Korea certification that started offering Scalp Micro Pigmentation and Hairline restoration in Singapore, Jakarta and Bangkok with thousands of Students graduating from our International Beauty Academy.

2. All our therapists are highly, skilled UK certified and over 10 years experience in Cosmetic Tattooing Industry as very steady hands needed to control the depth needed for hairline & SMP.

3. We use Organic Pigments specially for the Scalp as the ink used CANNOT be the same for eyeliner or eyebrows while many did not know this ended up with blotched jobs.

4. We create precise tiny replicated hair follicles with the most natural effects.

5. We can superficially imbed pigments onto the skin/scalp in a non-invasive way which do not bleed or swelling thereafter. So far no failed or complain SMP cases at all over the years.

6. Making sure you feel no discomfort.

7. No risk of infection and requires no downtime.

8. Suitable for both men & women

9. Reasonably priced for the high quality work and premium organic pigments for scalp usage that does not smudge or change colour over time.

10. Free Detailed Consultation is offered to understand more on your need, hair loss pattern and area to cover with the effect you want to achieve. Let our SCALP MASTER understand more on what you would like to achieve to get the best results.

SMP technique is just simply amazing, other than fast colour absorption, the colour retention is also more lasting compared to the old method of doing hairline.

This new method provides more realistic effect, pain free and lasting hairline and scalp micro pigmentation.

Why do Hairline Embroidery / Side Burn Micro Pigmentation?

Hairline embroidery is an efficient and easy way to get rid of the empty spaces on your forehead and also make you look younger. It is a much cheaper and painless way compared to hair transplant. Hairline embroidery looks very natural and it can immediately extend your hairline. This will usually last around 5 years.

As the pioneers in Semi Permanent Makeup, Beauty Recipe have made a massive impact on Scalp & Hairline Micropigmentaion techniques making it more natural compared to the old micoblading method. 

Colour absorption rate is much better, faster and painless.

Greatly improved the effect, providing pain free, lasting brows, hairline & scalp micro-pigmentation.

No risk of inflammation, no scabbing, no downtime, no pain and you are able to wash your hair the very next day.

Hairline-embroidery-vs-microblading-tattoo micro pigmentation Singapore

Creating a natural shadow that makes your hair fuller instantly...

This technique is able to cover up all the way into the scalp and on surgical scars. Book a FREE consultation with us to understand more on your need, hair loss pattern and area to cover with the effect you want to achieve. Let our SCALP MASTER work together with you to achieve the best results.

Promo Price starts from $350 

Look so much like real hair...

This is the furry look you get with the SMP micro pigmentation technique instead of patchy lines with old method done by cutting with microblading which can be dangerous due to major nerves running along the side of the hairline. Technique use needs to be soft while precise with good depth control with colour pigment specially made for scalp micro pigmentation.   

Side Burn Tattoo Scalp Micro pigmentation SMP Singapore
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