Breakthrough New Way of Microneedling

sMTS Soluble Microneedle System (Stem Cell | EGF | PDRN | Hyaluronic Acid)

What is sMTS Soluble Microneedle Therapy System?

Needleless Soluble Microneedles Therapy System also known as sMTS Treatment is the latest craze taking over the Korean Beauty Skin care industry at the moment with the latest innovation technology invention of the soluble micro-spicule crystal. If you are looking at finding the perfect solution to better skin with immediate radiant glow results without going under needles. This is it!

With just one treatment the results stands out never like any other. Illuminates and smoothen your skin with the use of soluble needle innovative technology. With SOLUBLE (dissolving) MICRONEEDLE(currently the first in the World) it guarantees results, there is no insertion, no pain, no scar and hassle free. It is suitable for all skin types.

Delivers Stem Cell | EGF growth factor | PDRN | Hyaluronic Acid at the same time

Benefits of Needleless  Soluble Microneedle Therapy System

  • Instant Brightening
  • Intense Moisturizing
  • Perfect Smoothness
  • No scratching or puncturing of the skin with steel microneedling
  • Safely delivers active ingredients that promote cell renewal
  • Minimise the appearance of wrinkles

Breakthrough New Way Of Microneedling?

Why you need it?

sMTS Micro-Filler Crystal Mask Pack Kit is a revolutionary, anti-aging and non-invasive treatment. This transdermal delivery treatment contains groundbreaking Hyaluronic Acid Micro-Spicules that deliver a rejuvenating cocktail of Hyaluronic Acid and Plant EGF to directly transform the skin, focus on repair and reverse signs of ageing.

How Does it work?

Our skin not only keeps various substances including water inside the body but also prevents harmful substances from infiltrating into the body. Because of this property, it is not easy to deliver drugs into the skin, and many studies have been carried out to increase the efficiency of delivering the drug into the skin. Our soluble Microneedle particles help surpass this skin barrier and are effective in increasing skin permeability of the unstable substances, such as growth factors and peptides.

The sMTS Oil Spicule Essence enclosed in this kit contains hyaluronate (HA) based micro-spicules with skin boosting materials like oligopeptide-1, Edelweiss (leontopodium alpinum) callus culture extract, and floret polydeoxynucleotide.

The sMTS Triple Activating Serum, a dissolving serum for micro-spicules, contains skin moisturising hyaluronic acid, skin whitening niacinamide, and anti-wrinkle agent adenosine.

This professional bio-cosmetic treatment applies the proprietary sMTS technology facilitates the delivery of active ingredients deep into the skin.

Look at least 5 years younger instantly!

sMTS Needleless Soluble Microneedles Therapy System an intensive skin care treatment which combines the anti-ageing effects of professional micro-needling procedures with the nourishing benefits without using of needles or any downtime with instant results.

Experience a remarkable difference as fine lines, wrinkles and imperfections fade away and skin feels softer, smoother and more even with a youthful, luminous glow with radiant skin.

Able to transform skin with a blend of rejuvenating ingredients. Skin appears smoothed and plumped with a youthful glow.

Enriched with Hyaluronic Acid to replenish and retain vital moisture for a plumper, firmer skin texture, the formula also utilises anti-inflammatory probiotics to soothe sensitive skin. Simple to use, the treatment helps to minimise the appearance of common skin complaints such as acne scars, pigmentation and wrinkles to leave skin smoother, brighter and more youthful-looking.

sMTS – Soluble Microneedle Therapy System

Growth Factor Polypeptides like EGF are susceptible to hydrolysis or modification, if added in normal cosmetics. EGF stability in the sMTS Oil Crystal Essence Set is guaranteed by novel, advanced, and patent applied soluble MTS technologies.

Microneedles dissolve into the moisture in your skin. These are microphotographs of before and after sMTS application, showing how the Hyaluronic acid ad EGF microneedles melt deep into the skin’s outermost layer. The needle-shaped with active ingredients dissolves away into the skin after application.


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Needleless soluble micro needling therapy system
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