Eyebrow Embroidery


My sparse & shapeless brows fixed

I honestly love my brows now because it is very natural and I don’t have to spend much effort on it anymore. I’m very satisfied with my experience with Beauty Recipe.

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Kerr Qi

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My eyebrows were both now the exact same shape and arch and had a great now color over so they were darker in color and more outstanding! They still look extremely natural though which is a huge reason to love them. All I look like is someone VERY VERY blessed with thick gorgeous eyebrows and not someone who filled them in with a marker. I think the eventual result is something MANY look for, especially myself, and I really could NOT be happier. 🙂

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Samantha Loh

I SAVE SO MUCH TIME IN THE MORNING! With the brows, my eyes also look so much more lifted compared to the brows that I used to draw previously. Brows done by Beauty Recipe are looking so neat and natural.

When I go out with my bare face during the weekends I also looked more alert because of my brows. 😀 I always know that eyebrows are important but I never know that it could be so important. Highly recommended.

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Claire Audrey

The strokes are thin and fine, and looks amazingly natural. Beauty Recipe did such an awesome job and I can safely say that I’m now an eyebrow embroidery convert! In terms of pain, with the help of the numbing cream all I can feel is light scratching motions. So if pain is one of your factor that is hindering you from trying this out, then you can cross that off right now!

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Miss Rusty


Thank you Beauty Recipe for giving me these new frames to the window of my soul – my new 6D Korean Nano eyebrows! I am super happy with them, and would recommend anyone to go for it. I really liked the result!

I was hesitant for a long time to do eyebrow embroidery worrying about the pain and the permanence of potentially disastrous brows by inexperienced hands. But I finally did it with Beauty Recipe. NO REGRETS!

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The last few times when I went to other places for eyebrow embroidery I was very disappointed and in soooooo much pain. The shape was not what I wanted too.. This time, at Beauty Recipe, I had such a pain free experience, I was surprised. The numbing cream used by Beauty Recipe is so good.

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Jacqueline Koh

SO GLAD that I got my brows done at Beauty Recipe! I did my lash extensions with them and really loved the full, fluttery yet lightweight lashes that they’d done for me! Similarly, I wasn’t expecting any less from them with their eyebrow embroidery.

Beauty Recipe’s numbing creams are really good! I felt close to no pain when I’d my brows done! I have ultra low tolerance of pain. 

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Charissa Yvette

I read so many good reviews on their Facebook page with insanely high 4.8 stars rating so I felt really confident to have them do my brows. The beautician is very experienced and meticulous, going over and checking my brows a few times from all angles.

Beauty Recipe is a total steal! 

If you don’t want to spend a bomb outside, do go try out high quality services at Beauty Recipe

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