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REJURAN Skin Booster 

Via dEP (Dermal Electroporation) Technology

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Rejuran Skin Booster Singapore

Benefits of Rejuran Skin Booster?

REJURAN Skin Booster is an anti-ageing and skin rejuvenation treatment that was developed, manufactured, and popularised in South Korea. REJURAN Skin Booster is made out of highly-compatible DNA fragments (polynucleotides) that help improve the physiological condition of skin tissues.

Return, Balance Up Your Skin by Activating Self-Skin Regeneration Power

Key Ingredients

PN is extracted from Salmon DNA and has excellent biocompatibility with human skin without any immune response, making this skin rejuvenation treatment highly suitable for most people.

✓ Excellent Recovering Effect

Activates the self-regeneration ability of the skin and improves various skin problems such as scars, inflammation and wrinkles.

✓ Improvement of Skin Elasticity and Fine Wrinkles

Restore ECM and promote collagen secretion to improve skin elasticity and reduce wrinkles, recover thinned and damaged skin caused by ageing and various external stimuli.

✓ Recovery of Skin Balance from Within

Reduces sebum secretion, minimises pore size and improves skin tone and texture by recovering the balance between oil and moisture of the skin.

✓ Natural Skin Beauty Effect

Able to feel natural skin beauty effects resulting from increasing skin elasticity and hydration from deep within the skin
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Rejuran Skin Booster
Rejuran Skin Booster Singapore DEP Dermoelectroporation

What is DEP? (Electroporation)

Electroporation System is the new non-invasive, stand-alone powered drug-delivery system carrying the latest technology to deliver Ionic drug solution into the skin/body for medical purposes. Uses controlled electrical pulses to open the skin's water based “channels” expands pores 17 times it's size. This increase in skin permeability allows micro and macro molecules to penetrate into the hypodermis.

Rejuran Skin Booster Singapore DEP Dermoelectroporation
Before and After Rejuran Skin Booster Treatment

DEP Electroporation Course Available

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– DEP Electroporation Machine

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