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ΜΕΣΟ™Hairline & ΜΕΣΟ™Scalp Micropigmentation Course

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ΜΕΣΟ™Hairline & ΜΕΣΟ™Scalp Micropigmentation Course

New invention of the ΜΕΣΟ™Blades has made a massive impact on Semi Permanent Makeup techniques and it has revolutionised the way eyebrows, hairline and scalp micro pigmentation can be done.

Beauty Recipe Academy is the exclusive provider of this technique for ΜΕΣΟ™Hairline & ΜΕΣΟ™Scalp Micro-pigmentation which is the first non invasive scalp & hairline micro-pigmentation.

ΜΕΣΟ™Brows, ΜΕΣΟ™Hairline & ΜΕΣΟ™Scalp Micro-pigmentation is trademark registered.

We are looking for local & overseas collaborations to expand this awesome technique all over the world.


Hairline-embroidery-vs-microblading-tattoo micro pigmentation Singapore

Comparing Hairline Restoration

Previously before invention of ΜΕΣΟ™ blade, hairline embroidery was done by the microblading method with either 14-18 pin needles cutting into the skin to create lines on the hairline area. Apart from the pain of cutting, this is highly risky as the hairline areas have major veins running through which can result to inflammation of the whole body.

Old method is health risky and the effect is artificial looking with the final effect after peeling looking patchy due to the scabbing. If the cut is too deep, the colour pigment will smudge on the skin after healing with the old microblading method.

With the ΜΕΣΟ™ blade method, the procedure can be non invasive, no pain, no bleeding, no downtime, faster and the colour absorption/retention is high due to no scabbing.

best Scalp Micro pigmentation singapore

Comparing Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp micropigmentation has become more and more advanced with new machines and techniques invented. You are able to wash your hair the very next day and the process is very comfortable with no pain and no bleeding.

Pigments used for scalp are also specially made for the skin on the head therefore with the right skills, the work done becomes so natural and it looks just like hair follicles.

About the Trainer

Jenny is specialised in Training SPMU, Scalp, Areola & Camouflage Micropigmentation Courses. A highly commited trainer that always goes the extra mile for the students.

Highly like-able and rated by all our clients and students.

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ΜΕΣΟ™Hairline & ΜΕΣΟ™Scalp Micropigmentation Course

 Course Fees: $2000 Singapore Dollars ($1480 USD) 

Duration: 2 Days Course + 3 months online perfection training

Both Live and Online training course is available

Full Student Kit included

Opportunity to work together...

We are looking for local & overseas students to become trainers to collaborate spreading this better technique worldwide to level up in Semi Permanent Makeup. We already have trainers starting in 16 countries getting their email box and Facebook messages flooded wanting to book for doing the services & learning the courses. 

They are doing so well and we are expanding so fast so we are looking for collaborations to train more trainers. Not only will you be able to provide this service but also to teach and issue your students with international certification to be insured. The whole system can be taught through online.

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