Barbering & Wet Shave Course

Barbering & Wet Shave Courses

All Hair Programmes under this page is organised by Hair Mafia and Co.

The course has been established to train the best barbers. Even an individual who doesn’t have previous knowledge of hairdressing can enrol in this course. The knowledge and hands on barber haircutting, different hairstyles & fading will be taught. After graduating from us, a graduate can perform configuration and treatment on her own. 


This course is suitable for anyone looking to enter barbering. It is suitable for beginners and even make-up artists looking for their first steps into this exciting and creative industry. A 100% practical course focusing on a hands on approach in barbering skills.



  1. Fundamental clipper over comb
  2. Fundamental scissor over comb
  3. Fundamental clippering with attachments
  4. Gradient Cuts
  5. Layering
  6. Tapering
  7. Fading
  8. Blending
  9. Blow drying
  10. Health & Safety
  11. Product knowledge
  12. Maintenance of Tools


Course Structure

Cost :                       S$1899 per participant. The Course Fees includes a personal Student kit for each participant.

 Duration :             Monday – (0900hrs to 1800hrs),  Tuesday –  (Training and Live Model- 1000hrs to 1600hrs)


Wet shaving is an art form that has made a return with a vengeance and is an increasingly important skill to learn if want to be a successful barber.

Our hands-on course will get you cut throat wet shaving at a professional standard in 2 days. You will train in a group of 4 to 5 students. Our tutor will walk you through the steps of the traditional wet shave through demonstration and then provide guidance as you perform 2 real shaves and razor touch-ups your live models. By the end of the course you will have built your ability through repetition and be confident in cut throat shaving.

The 2-day wet shaving course includes the following:

  • Using a cutthroat razor
  • Facial massage techniques
  • Applying the right product to prepare the skin before shave
  • Using both hot and cold towels
  • After Shave Care
  • Practicing on 2 live clients. (to be provided by participants)

Wet Shave Course structure:

Day 1: You will learn the technique through demos and then will pair up to do real shaves under the support of our pro shaver.

Day 2: You will perform individual shaves. By the end of the course you will be profeccient providing your clients a cut throat shave at a professional standard.


Cost : S$899 per participant. 




This intensive 2 days programme is catered for experienced barbers and hair stylist. Here attendees will learn new techniques by invited MASTER BARBERS at our look-and-learn sessions, try the new techniques yourself under their watchful eyes in hands-on training, or do both!

Two full days of intense learning and interacting with your peers.  Upon competition, each participant will earn a Certificate of Completion to display in your shop and the bragging rights to go with it.

Duration : 2 days

Time : 1000 hrs to 1700 hrs

Price :S$899.00 per participant.


Barber Course : – We are proud to provide our participants our own personally developed Clippers, Scissors, Trimmers and Dummy head for the course. The first in the industry. The complete Student Kit is valued at S$300.00 and is inclusive with the course. A Comprehensive Training Manual and a 90 days online support to view videos and tutorials to further advance and tune your skills.

 Wet Shave Course : – Straight Razor and blades set. Shaving Brush and apron.

About the Trainer

Profile of Mr Muhammad Firdaus bin Osman

Starting out at an early age of 14, Firdaus started cutting hairs for his neighbours and friends. At age 16, his skills impressed a barber so much that he was offered a ‘seat’ in his salon.

During his National Service stint with the Singapore Civil Defence Force, Firdaus was the ‘official’ barber of his fire station. Even after his National Service stint, he perfected his skills by offering his colleagues at the shipyard haircuts and shaves.

His formal education in barbering started when he was posted to the United States on an oil rig. There he was taken under the wings of Nigel Maconell. Under his pupillage, Firdaus horned his skills and in 7 years was an accomplished barber.

During the oil and gas crisis and unfortunately retrenched, Firdaus saw himself giving a shot being a full- time barber. He has not looked backed since.

Today, Firdaus can boast to have been placed amongst the top 3 at the Golden Scissors Awards in 2018 (Singapore) Hair Tattoo. Having trained and providing consultation service to new barbers and barbershop owners. He has been a judge on various barber competitions overseas. His humble and determination made him an obvious choice to lead our team of Trainers.

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Frequently Asked Question

Q :            Will I receive a Certificate after completion of the Course? 

A :             Yes, we have teamed up with reputable academies in the United Kingdom for our barbering course. A Certificate of Completition will be awarded after the successful completion of the module.


Q:             Why choose Hair Mafia & Co? 

A :             We want to Educate, Motivate, Help and Inspire Barbers to achieve more than they ever thought possible. Offering a internationally recognised course is our hallmark.


Q:             Who are your trainers?

A:              Our Master Trainer, Mr Firdaus is an award winning and full time barber with more than 10 years experience. In the 2018 Golden Scissors Award in Singapore, he was placed top 3 in the Hair Tattoo Category.


Q :            I am a female, can I join? 

A :             We welcome ALL, regardless of sex, age or nationality.


Q :            I am overseas. Can I take your course?

A:              Foreigners are welcome to take our courses. Course(s) is taught in English, so a basic understanding of English is sufficient. Please check with the ICA if you require a visa to enter Singapore.


Q:             How much experience is required for the course?

A:            NONE. We teach you from scratch how to embark on your new career and passion. In fact, most of the participants are just like you, with little or no prior experience.


Q:             Do I need to bring anything for the course?

A:              No, our course fees include a complete Student Kit for the course(s).


Q:             I am already a barber, can I enrol?

A:              We encourage you to enrol  in our MASTER CLASS Barber Workshop where we invite overseas barbers to conduct intensive programmes and classes in the latest trends and updates in the wonderful world of barbering. All participants will be given a Certificate of Completition.


Q :            Will I really be job ready after the course?

A:              Yes, you will be you able to perform a decent haircut and a shave. With more experience comes more confidence, so keep getting more haircuts and shaves under your belt after our course!


Q:             How many students are there per group?

A:              We limit each class size to 4 to 5 students. This ensures that you have lots of 1-on-1 support from our master trainer(s) and gain the expertise that makes you a accomplished Barber.


Q :            Will there be supplementary support after the course has ended? 

A :             Yes, all participants will be provided free access to our step-by-step videos to supplement their academy training for 120 days upon completion of their course. Students will be given a unique PIN to access the site and view the videos.


Q :            Can I use the academy to service my clients? 

A :             Yes, students are able to book our academy at nominal booking fee.


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