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Diploma in Korean Skin Management

The Beauty Recipe offer SFC-eligible courses for local Singaporeans.

Whether you are already a business owner looking to create more income with learning a new skill that is greatly in trend right now or someone looking at learning something new where you could do freelance for more income or learning new skills for your own interest to DIY and take care of yourself. We have more than 30 different beauty courses all the right courses for everyone.

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About Asia Beauty-art Expert Association (ABEA)

The Asia Beauty-art Experts Association is the largest beauty association in Asia & launched in Korea. The Association strives to exchange and learn from the best in the beauty and makeup industry (semi-permanent, hair, nail and eyelash, make-up, skin and tattoo art, etc.), and promotes the cooperation and interaction among the beauty and makeup industry experts. Attracting the elites of the Cosmetology field to join the Association and make concerted efforts to carry out various competitions, training activities and certifications leading the beauty and makeup industry to higher standards.

Today, The Asia Beauty-art-Experts Association has branches and offices in Asia, South East Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Diploma in Korean Skin Management

Learn about all Latest Korean Beauty Treatments that is Trending

Course Fees: From $2999 SGD / $2200 USD

Mode of Training: Both Live and Online Training Available


- Skin Structure Theory

- Functions of the skin ( skin types & conditon)

- Skin Analysis

- Threats to the skin(prevent aging & skin problems)

- Lymphatic system

- Client's consultation

- Contraindications

- Health & Safety

- Code of practice of hygiene in Beauty Establishments

- Sterilisation and disinfecting

- Appearance & Overalls of Therapist

- Equipments & Products

- After care advice to clients

- Facial Techniques

- Difference between basic & deep cleansing

- Golki Korean small face massage lifting technique

- Eye Circulation Massage

- Black Head Extraction & pore cleansing

- Lymphatic Drainage Massage

- Organic Pumpkin Peel System

- BB Glow & Microneedling Therapy System(MTS Treatments)

- 24K Carat Gold Micro Channeling Infusion Facial

- Carboxyl CO2 Therapy by carbon dioxide

- Vitamin C Glow Booster

- Organic Algae Spa Acne Therapy

-  How RF & Ultrasound works in Lifting 

- LED Light Photo Therapy

Material Kit include

Korean MTS Machine(5 speed settings tailored for skin treatment) 

Stayve KFDA Approved Plant Based Organic Colour Pigments and Stayve Mesotherapy Serums (12 bottles) 

12 MTS needles

Stayve Repair Cream x 5

Pure Vitamin C Ampoules x 5

Omega green x 5

24K Gold Plated Micro Infusion Bottle

Carboxy CO2 Therapy Mask Set

You will receive certificates & gold badge upon completion…

  • 1 x UK Certificate Accreditated Diploma
  • 1 x Certificate from Asia Beauty-art Experts Association Korea Diploma 
  • 1 x Certificate of Lifetime membership of Asia Beauty-art Experts Association (worth $500) 
  • 1 x Gold Badge from Asia Beauty-art Experts Association (exclusive available to our academy only) 
  • Unlimited use of ABEA Logo on your website, name cards, marketing materials, social media…etc to promote your personal branding being part of the most prestiges beauty expert group in Asia

ABEA Korea Diploma Beauty Certificate Training Courses Singapore

Golki Korean Kyung rak small face massage

Korean Golki Small Face Massage

Golki (meaning ‘bone tonification’ in Korean) utilises special bone massage techniques to reshape the bone structure of your face. Whether it’s a V-shaped jaw you desire, higher cheekbones or a slimmer face, Golki will do just that for you.

Other advantages includes
– Improvement of  circulation to achieve better complexion

– Stimulates blood flow to your skin & muscles to supply nutrients and carry away toxins.

Lifetime Support

We welcome you to join our family with strong network support. We provide high level support to all our students and learning is a continuous process so we will never stop helping our students as we wish to see all that comes through Beauty Recipe Academy succeed.

In Beauty Recipe Academy, you can be assured that our training & products are of quality and we are always happy to share our experiences and advise to students on how to improve on their business in discovering their dreams.

Pin up your own Gold Badge of ABEA

At The Asia Beauty-arts-Expert Association, we are committed in giving every individual the very best in beauty education with integrity, quality and professionalism.

The Asia Beauty-arts Expert Association has come a long way from its humble beginnings in Korea. When we first started out, our aim was to streamline beauty courses and programs that would be easy for students to understand.

Our ideology was to produce competent and confident beauty experts.

Our relentless pursuit of excellence together with the support of our partners has made us one of the leading and respected Beauty Association in Korea.

Today, The Asia Beauty-art-Experts Association has branches and offices in Asia, South East Asia, Europe and the Americas. Each of our associates are committed in serving our clients and students. We are proud to have had thousands of students graduating from our programs. We are honoured that we are able to turn our passion to reach a global scale. 

To maintain the high standards required of our students, we have also organised an annual Beauty Skills Competitions where our graduates from all around the world come to compete in the various categories. 

We hope that you share our vision and will support the various programs and products we offer.

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