Acne Facial

Detox your body and Face to get rid of those acne/pimples outbreaks with Rice Spa Facial and Indox Natural Body Detox.

Troubled sensitive skin with pimples and acne? 

Award Winning Rice Spa & Indox Beauty Insider voted best face saver Treatment together with Our Signature Electro therapy Facial Treatment stimulates acupuncture points and causes your cells to regrow. Giving you the natural remedy to achieve healthy skin that cures from the root causes of all your skin problems internally. This is the only treatment in the market that can penetrate all the 7 layers of the skin at the same time and is non invasive with no pain and no down time. Only Organic products and no chemicals are use for this treatment, great for sensitive skin and all skin types.

– Acupuncture Facial without needles to clear up all the blockage of the blood circulation from within

– Japanese Technology used in hospital in Japan

– Deep layer skin repair

– Enhance blood circulation and cell regrowth

– Makes your skin recover and become healthy from within


Products used during treatment….

Venna Organic Rice Spa beauty insider98df89b5-c2d0-484d-921f-c8c0c3cf96e5

Venna Rice Spa Tea Tree


Venna Indox Fruit Veggie Enzymes

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Rice Spa Facial Promotion Price at only $88 with PROVEN RESULTS!

List link below, for more detail info of how Rice Spa and Indox can get your healthy skin back:


Acne Facial Singapore 2

Acne Facial Singapore


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