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Plasma Shower Acne Facial

Troubled sensitive skin with Pimples & Acne?

What is Plasma?

  • Plasma is not a laser, not a radio frequency, not an ultrasound, not a photon. It's the fourth condition state of matter that's highly dissociated created by reaction of atmospheric gas(oxygen & nitrogen) with electric energy which is different from solids, liquids, and gases. 

  • The PLASMA system is based on atmospheric pressure plasma technology. The system can be effectively used in upper eyelids, lower eyelids and the entire face for wrinkles, scars, skin inflammation, wound healing and product absorption.
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What is Plasma Skin Regeneration?

This plasma-containing energy is directed through a quartz nozzle out of the tip of the handpiece and onto the skin. The energy delivered produces a heating action that works at the skin’s surface to remove old photo damaged epidermal cells. Because the thermal energy released into the skin during a Plasma treatment is uniformly absorbed, the treated area experiences incredible collagen and elastin it has a resurfacing and rejuvenating effect by harnessing thermal energy


Plasma handle Working principle

Creating plasma by applying high-frequency, high-pressure in atmosphere, delivering stable plasma ion to the tip of the handpiece, stable and effective skin treatment mechanism by stimulating biochemical process in inner and outer area of biological cell.

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Benefits of Plasma Shower Facial

1. Improve the skin surface and effectively treat acne and scars.
2. Antibacterial, bactericidal, anti-inflammatory.
3. Improve skin aging and eliminate wrinkles on eyes and lips.
4. Skin lifting, wrinkles removal.

Results & Testimonial

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Acne Facial Singapore

Award Winning for Best Saver

We recommend that after the facial treatment, you continue to use the Home Care 

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