Why Choose Beauty Recipe

  • We are the pioneers in Singapore started providing eyelash extensions and trainings to students worldwide. It takes years of experience and talent for our beauticians to be able to achieve well balanced, even out, fan-shaped, curly natural looking eyelash extensions.

  • Our techniques used will not cause your balding of your natural lash

  • Our lashes are self manufactured with premium quality from Korea that are ultra soft, glossy and comfortable

  • Our Certified Formaldehyde medical grade glue and eyelash remover are self manufactured in Korea that does not have strong smell, sting the skin or cause allergic reaction

  • One stop service where you can do your Eyelash, Semi Permanent Makeup, Hair Removal, Facial all in one place

  • Winner of Top 100 Singapore Excellence Award, you can be assured of quality services

  • Beauty Recipe aims to provide affordable beauty solutions. No gimmicks or hard selling of packages!
  • Eyelash Extensions that opens up and makes your eyes do the talking...

    Developing our own clinical grade glue and remover that has no toxic chemicals and formaldehyde free yet with long lasting results has shocked the entire eyelash industry. The Beauty Recipe eyelash extension glue is non stinging, free from fumes, safe for sensitive eyes, even pregnant women and children.

    Above is the MSDS certification showing no traces of formaldehyde.

    Believing only in our own Lashes

    Our lashes are self manufactured with premium quality from Korea that are ultra soft, high shine glossy and comfortable to wear

    Long Lasting and Free from Sensitivity & Allergy

    This shows how important using high quality medical grade glue, quality eyelashes and techniques are when it comes to protecting your real lashes with eyelash extensions.

    Let your dollars last for more weeks to come that doesn't falls off easily

    Long lasting and reasonably priced eyelash extensions from only $88

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