Before & After Care

Eyebrow, Eyeliner & Lip Embroidery


Eyebrow Embroidery

• Your eyebrows will look dark for about 5 days so try to make sure you have no major events or photo shoot for the 1 week after eyebrow embroidery.

• For 1 week, you must not go swimming and be prepared to spend a little extra time washing your face as to try not to let your brows be in contact with water too much.

• Try to keep your eyebrow dry for 3-5 days after eyebrow embroidery and use face wipes to clean your face

• Pat dry your brows immediately after if you wet it or sweat. Avoid sauna or hot yoga and under the sun for 1 week.

• Apply aftercare cream 3-4 times a day

• Do scratch your eyebrows as it might itch a little as it peels on the 4th day and let it peel naturally

• Avoid makeup and skin care products on your eyebrows for 1 week

Eyeliner Embroidery

•Keep the eyes area clean.

•Wash the eyes lid by using eye wash or eye drop gently for the first 2 days.

•Remember to apply aftercare cream to keep it moisture.

•Avoid applying any skin care or makeup on the eye area for 1 week, except the aftercare cream.

•Customer might have puffy eyes for 2-3 days after the eyeliner embroidery depend on sensitivity.

•Apply ice pack for the first 2 days.

•Avoid eating seafood(Prawn, Crab) due to some allergy issue.

•During peeling stages, will feel a bit itchy, do not scratch it.

•During peeling stages, unbalanced or patchy eyeliner may appear due to the thick dead skin around the eyes area, do not use any eyeliner pencil or powder to touch up the area within the first week.

•Avoid swimming, sauna and hot yoga for one week.

•Do not strain or tire your eyes, rest your eyes while can.

Lip Embroidery

•Avoid eating spicy, seafood and hot food.

•Take fluid by using straw.

•Remember always keep the lip clean after eating.

•Always apply the aftercare cream to keep the lip moisturized.

•Avoid applying any lip stick on the lip area even there are patchy stages appear. DO NOT peel, let the dry skin fall off natural.

•After lip embroidery the lip may appear swollen for 2-3 days depend on how sensitive the individual lip.

•Apple ice pack if feel pain and uncomfortable.

•If blister appear, take antibiotics 

•Do some exercise(open close) for the mouth so the lip won’t harden too much for 20 mins after procedure.

Eyebrow Eyeliner Lip Embroidery After Care infographic

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