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Organic Pumpkin Peel System

Premium Organic Pumpkin Peel No Chemical Set

It is called the Shiny pumpkin peel because this treatment make your skin so shiny that it can reflect light with instant radiant skin.

Natural, instant results, more effective & much safer peeling treatment with no risk of chemical burns or side effects compared to chemical peels that is made in the lab.

Award Winning Organic Facial peeling with no downtime

Benefits of Pumpkin Peel

  • Increase cells turnover 
  • Reduce Pores
  • Regenerating of cell against dryness, aging and acne
  • Decrease fine lines and wrinkles
  • Lightening pigmentation
  • Collagen production stimulation
  • Smoothen and balance skin texture
  • Diminish acne breakouts
  • Reduced likelihood of acne breakouts
Korean Organic Pumpkin Peel Treatment

Pumpkin peel therapy is an advance exfoliating treatment to combat aging and acne. This amazing hypoallegenic peeling combines 100% natural enzymes from pumpkin which brings nutrients and vitamins to the skin, AHA and BHA ingredients that are effective for exfoliating and simultaneously breaks rough and fine dead skin cells. Pumpkin is rich in vitamin A, B, C, E, K photochemicals, minerals and omega fatty acids for ultimate skin rejuvenation.

Pumpkin has the highest concentration of Vitamin A of any vegetables! Pumpkin peels have been known to stimulate circulation and promote healing of the skin due to the beta carotene and vitamin A. Those with sensitive skin will be able to tolerate a pumpkin peel because it is not too intrusive. larity and skin smoothness will be seen immediately following a pumpkin peel.

This 100% much safer than chemical peels that can potentially burnt your skin causing over peel with down time.

AHA & BHA Peeling ingredient is naturally found inside the pumpkin fruit

Gives peeling & repair at the same time with nourishment, improves dull skin, moisturises with natural pumpkin enzyme + AHA + BHA + 17 essential Amino acids.

This is an organic peel system as the peeling ingredients are naturally found in the pumpkin fruit and not made chemically in the lab compared to all the chemical peels that is in the market. 

What is to learn about pumpkin peel?

Pumpkin has the highest amount of vitamin A, B, C, D, E, minerals, omega and other nutrition found in any fruit & vegetables. Vitamin A is essential for the skin health therefore you are not just getting rid of your dead skin but also killing two birds with one stone being able to absorb all the vitamins and minerals of the pumpkin at the same time while doing the peel.

Price for pumpkin peel facial?

Korean Organic Pumpkin Peel + Full Facial @ $138

Suitable For All Skin Types

FAQ for Pumpkin Peel Facial


It is recommended to have 4 to 6 peels done, one to two weeks apart.


Any Downtime? 

There is no down time with a pumpkin peel and the treatment is not as harsh on sensitive skin as chemical peels.


Why is pumpkin peel better than chemical peels?

Pumpkin peel is 100% safe. People with sensitive skin and acne benefit from the pumpkin peel because it is less intrusive than a chemical peel. It is full of beta carotene and vitamin A, which help to stimulate circulation and promote healing. Pumpkin peels are more successful at surface retexturing.


How does it rejuvenate the skin? 

Vitamin A (beta carotene) is a highly active antioxidant; it targets the parts of skin cells responsible for kicking off cell turnover and, by extension, growth of the base layer of the epidermis. This helps to boost the structural integrity of all layers of the skin.

Proteolytic enzymes are another useful component of pumpkin pulp, helping to break down the bonds between dead cells. This means that a pumpkin peel can help slough away the dead outer skin cells without damaging the rest of them. Pumpkins also contain vitamin C, which is another antioxidant that helps to ward off free radicals.

Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) and beta hydroxy acids (BHAs) penetrate the layers of the skin to help the turnover of the cells in both the epidermis and the follicles. This helps younger cells come to the surface of the skin – enhancing a smooth appearance and taut feeling – as well as cleansing the follicles of debris and dead cells.

This particular combination of ingredients will strengthen your skin’s defences against free radicals, which, in turn, helps to combat the signs of ageing. Your skin will look and feel rejuvenated, courtesy of the AHAs stimulating collagen and elastin renewal.


How is the treatment process? 

Pumpkin peel treatments are fairly comfortable and last for around 1.5 hour with the full facial, massage and extraction. The mask will be warm – some patients describe it as ‘warm and prickly’ – when it’s first applied to your face, and the sensation will last for a few minutes. Soon, it will change to a pleasant tightening feeling.

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