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Needleless Acupuncture Treatment

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Skin Repair & Hair Growth Stimulation

We all know the amazing proven benefits of acupuncture but most of us are afraid of needles. 

Our Signature Electro therapy Needleless Acupuncture stimulates acupuncture points and causes your cells to regenerate using static electricity technology that already exist in our body. Giving you the most effective natural way to achieve healthy skin and hair by curing the root causes of all your skin and hair problems internally. This is the only treatment in the market that can penetrate all the 7 layers of the skin at the same time with full body blood circulation enhancement. 

It is non invasive, with no pain and no down time. 

  • Acupuncture without needles to clear up all the blockage of the blood circulation from within the body
  • Japanese Technology used in hospital in Japan
  • Deep layer skin repair and regeneration
  • Enhance blood circulation and new cell regrowth
  • Creates beautiful healthy skin
  • Stops Hair Loss & promote healthy hair growth

Cells aging, toxins, trauma causes...

Do you notice that a baby or young child's blood looks much brighter red than an older person where the blood colour seems to look a lot darker?


This because as we age, our cells age too with accumulative toxins and trauma built up over the years has caused blockage and deterioration of our blood circulation. Therefore, skin becomes loose, dull and reflects many skin issues like age spots, pigmentations, oil seeds, uneven skin surface…etc. as we age with major loss of collagen. Our hair also starts to thin as we get older.


This needleless acupuncture treatment helps to clear up all this built up of blockages over the years to greatly enhance blood circulation, clean the blood and promotes new cells to grow. 


Natural acupuncture points stimulation according to traditional Chinese medicine(TCM) methods for fast and effective results. 

Cleaner blood vessels leads to healthy skin

When your blood vessels becomes unblocked, cleaner and healthier. Blood circulations becomes better, your skin/hair will repair and regenerate with true healthy skin/hair from within to reproduce new cells and collagen growth naturally at a much better and faster rate. 


Electrotherapy can achieve full body stimulation with the acupuncture points during treatment.  

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