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Beauty Recipe Academy

International Beauty Academy

Beauty Recipe have over 40 Years of Experience with over 100,000 Satisfied Clients and trained over 5000 Students from over 30 countries worldwide.

Beauty Recipe Academy offers SFC-eligible more than 30 beauty courses local Singaporeans.

Both Online & Live Trainings are available.

Whether you are someone looking at learning a new skill for interest or for freelance opportunities to make extra income or already a business owner looking to create more services & upgrade your skills, we have all the right courses for everyone.

Click the signup button below with your enquiry, we would be happy to give advise on the courses available.


  • For many years we are Singapore Government Approved Training Institute with Grants & Funding support available for Singaporeans.
  • International accredited educator for UK and Korea Certifications available that is recognised Worldwide for Insurance Support.
  • First Academy in South East Asia approved by both Eastern & Western Countries which is renowned to be Top Beauty Industry Approval in United Kingdom and ABEA Korean Beauty Association which is the largest in the world.
  • Voted the Best Permanent Makeup Services, Eyelash and Best Organic Facial in 2018 consisting of over 100,000 customers and experts recommendation by Spa & Salon 2018 Beauty Insider Award(Singapore’s Leading Beauty Review and Magazine Site).
  • Recommended by Vainiday Singapore Top Beauty Booking App for Brows/Semi Permanent Treatment Category
  • Awarded International Permanent Makeup Championship 2018 beating over 400 contestants globally.
  • All of our trainers internationally trained and are invited as Judges for International Semi Permanent Makeup Competitions worldwide with minimum 10 years of experience.
  • Awarded the Top 100 Singapore Excellence Award for the innovation, quality and good customer service.
  • Quality products own manufactured & approved. ie. Pure organic plant based colour pigments for SPMU & eyelash materials clinical grade glue and skin care products from Korea

In our international beauty academy, our certificates are Accredited with worldwide recognition which means you will be able to get insurance to carry out these services in any country. Please send us a email request if you require insurance with your certification before signing up.

Premium Organic Pumpkin Peel No Chemical Set

Development of Innovative Products

Many of the critical skin care, hair care, eyelash, SPMU products are developed by our research & development team and trainers.  

Our premium Nano organic colour pigments have no heavy metal content and are fully plant based with highly pigmented with nano technology to prevent swelling + better absorption for all our Semi Permanent Makeup. Safe for all skin types, produce the best results and will not change colour overtime.

Our Eyelash products are all clinical grade with no Formaldehyde, safe and does not cause skin sensitivity. Our lashes are made empty in the centre so it is 5 times lighter than normal lashes for softness and comfort.

Our Hair Care & Skin Care are all FREE from harmful chemicals FDA/HSA/KFDA approved. 

About the Founder

Hi, I am Jessie. Coming from a humble background and seeing how passionate my mother was with beauty industry for over 40 years of her life, my dream and passion since young is to make a difference through beauty to impact peoples' lives."

Other than getting trained by my mum for 20 years, I was trained in UK and Korea 15 years ago to study all about aesthetics so that I can become a beauty expert level 3 educator to train others. I am also directly coached and mentored by Branko Barbic Founder and CEO of world most famous eyebrow Phibrows Training Academy. 

Beauty Recipe believe in using the best products and technologies for beauty treatments that is safe for our clients. All ladies can be confident without makeup on their faces. Beauty is for everyone and we aim to become the best beauty provider to all our customers.

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Best Top Beauty SPMU Trainers Singapore

Over 3000 students in more than 30 Countries carrying our techniques and products:













Ski Lanka





New Zealand


Saudi Arabia


South Africa

United Kingdom








United States of America







If you are looking for beauty courses and friendly trainers, we welcome you to join our family with strong network support. We provide high level support to all our students and learning is a continuous process so we will never stop helping our students as we wish to see all that comes through Beauty Recipe Academy succeed. In Beauty Recipe Academy, you can be assured that our training & products are of quality and we are always happy to share our experiences and advise to students on how to improve on their business in discovering their dreams.


Choose over 30 courses with both Live and Online Training available


Live Trainings available in our Singapore, Jakarta and Bangkok Academy


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List of Courses

Skin Care Management Courses

Hair Care & Hair Loss Management Courses

Semi Permanent Makeup Courses

Eyebrows Embroidery & Microblading Courses

Eyeliner Embroidery Courses 

 Lip Embroidery & Correction Courses

Scalp & Hairline Micro Pigmentation Courses

Areola Nipple Correction Courses

Camouflage Micro Pigmentation Courses

Eyelash Courses Courses

Nail Courses

Waxing Courses

Make Up Courses

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