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Needleless Carboxyl Carbon Dioxide Therapy Training

The Beauty Recipe offer SFC-eligible courses for local Singaporeans. We have trained over 5000 students from 30 different countries.

Whether you are already a business owner looking to create more income with learning a new skill that is greatly in trend right now or someone looking at learning something new where you could do freelance for more income or learning new skills for your own interest to DIY and take care of yourself. We have more than 30 different beauty courses all the right courses for everyone.

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What is Carboxyl CO2 Therapy?

CO2 therapy is the newest anti-aging treatment that is very popular in the field of cosmetic dermatology. Carbon dioxide (CO2) infusion have been shown to improve the skin’s appearance by augmenting oxygen delivery and thereby aiding cellular metabolism and neocollagenesis.  Traditionally, Carboxy therapy is applied using subcutaneous injections, they carry several risks and cannot be used on the entire face.

To combat these issues, a less invasive ALCALIN CO2 facial suited for full-face treatment has been developed. Now with a way to deliver carbon dioxide with a mask without pain allows for more versatility of application. This is a non-surgical procedure, but works as great as the other facelift methods. CO2 therapy is now a lot safer, more effective with no downtime. 

CO2 therapy utilizes carbon dioxide, which stimulates protein synthesis. As a result, the skin becomes smoother, firmer, and elasticity is improved.

The Gel Infusion was created to be both gentle and safe for even people with sensitive skin. Men and Women of all ages can experience the Gel Infusion which is ideal for people with aging skin that wishes to immediately reverse the signs of aging and for those with pre aging skin that wishes to prevent any early signs of premature aging.

This treatment does not only bring back your skin’s youthful glow, it also protects your face from acne and scarring. Results can be seen right away, even after the first treatment. Several sessions may be required depending on the skin’s condition.

Products for Carboxyl Therapy

CO2 gel mask is an effective mask treatment for refining skin texture, face slimming and brightening. It consists of a mask sheet and gel. Just by combining both, CO2 is generated and is then quickly and effectively absorbed into the skin cells, hemoglobin in red blood cells releases Oxygen as it takes in Carbon Dioxide.

This process provides Oxygen to the skin and also stimulates blood circulation. More oxygen results in active cell metabolism and cell renewal hence skin pigmentation, ageing and scars will be reduced. CO2 gel mask is an excellent product for keeping the balance between oil and moisture, slowing ageing and revitalize your skin to the healthy radiant condition.

This reaction also eliminates Stretch marks, Cellulite, Acne inflammation, Acne Scars and enhances skin tone elasticity. It also treats under-eye circles by increasing blood flow to the eyelid and make skin tighter.


– Firmer & Tighter Skin

– Reduction of Skin Pigmentation

– Slow down aging process

– Stimulates blood circulation

– Improve Face Contour

– Improve hydration of skin

– Balance oil secretion

– Reduce pore size

– Smoother & Brighter Skin Texture

– Eliminates Acne inflammation

– Eliminates Acne Scars

– Eliminates Stretch Marks & Cellulite

– Treats under-eye circles

Carboxyl CO2 Therapy Course

Course Fee:

Online Training Video + Kit = $430 USD / $599 Singapore Dollars

Live Training in Singapore + Live Model Practice =  $800 USD / $1088 Singapore Dollars


Course Duration: 1 day

Training Hours: 6 Hours


- Double deep cleansing technique

– Lymphatic Drainage Massage

– Korean Golki Small Face Massage (hot!)

–  Black Head and Pimple Extractions by Charcoal 

– Instant Eye bag/ Dark circle eye treatment with Ultrasound & RF

- Carboxyl C02 Therapy

Training Kit includes: (worth $150)

– Hyaluron Gel Cleanser 100ml

– Centella Asiatica Soothing & Repair Solution

– Arbutin Brightening & Balancing Solution

– Hexapeptide Anti-aging & Lifting Solution

– 3 sets of CO2 gel mask + activation powder

– After Care Regime

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