Voted Best Pigmentation / Melasma Treatment 

Dynamic Pulse Light Laser Therapy

 Translucent & Fairer Skin with Latest Skin Toning Technology

What is Dynamic Pulse Light Laser Therapy - DPL?

Dynamic Pulsed Light Laser (DPL) is a non-ablative and non-invasive treatment that incorporates powerful combination of Laser and Advance Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Technology which is proven to be one of the best method to treat skin conditions such as melasma / stubborn pigmentation / skin discolouration, dull or tired skin.

DPL is able to reach into the skin's deeper layers to effectively reduce pigmentation, generating brighter, fairer skin. Results can be seen in 1 - 3 treatments.

How does Dynamic Pulse Light Laser Therapy work?

The effectiveness of DPL treatment lies in its Dynamic Toning Technology or D-Light. D-Light is a new shape of light pulses that stimulate collagen production which floods to the area plumping the skin and reducing wrinkles, resulting in a more youthful appearance.

You can see substantial results with no downtime.

This is the latest advanced Dynamic Toning technology which makes DPL most effective and the safe light-based toning treatment by quick separate shots with low fluence but high energy density and speed. DPL treatment promotes cell renewal, lightens pigmentation and acne scars, boosts collagen and elastin production.


  1. Effectively lightens skin discoloration and pigmentation
  2. Tighten skin
  3. Reduce enlarged pore size; Shrink pores
  4. Reverse sun damage and rough skin
  5. Fade brown spot and freckles
  6. Heal acne and scars
  7. Stimulate collagen production
  8. Softens superficial wrinkles
  9. Skin brightening
  10. Even uneven skin tone
  11. Restore hydration and moisture to balance skin
  12. Provide instant rejuvenation to tired skin


Melasma / Pigmentation / Sun Spot / Age Spot / Freakles

Uneven skin tone

Acne scars

Wrinkles and fine line reduction

Acne skin

Dull skin 

Clogged pores


Fast & Effective Results in 1 - 3 sessions! 

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Other products used together with this treatment...

Intense Whitening Masks with natural whitening ingredients like Guava which contains 3 times more Vitamin C than lemon, with 4 times more Fiber from apple. Guava is the king of vitamins, is rich in vitamins C, B, and E, helping to keep skin tone bright. 

Guava leaves are rich in poluphenols to help improve skin. Alpha arbutin, known as a high-qualiy whitening ingredient with excellent results and improving pigmentation such as spots, blemish and freckles.

Products contains natural ingredient extracted from plants therefore it has no side effect and shows a whitening effect of 10 times as much beta-arbutin, and fundamentally takes cares for old pigmentation.

Plant stem cell from Natural Water Lily Extract It is effective to improve the pigmentation caused by stress such as ultraviolet rays, acne, environmental pollution skin stimulation, etc. It is an active ingredient that lowers skin temperature caused by exposure to the sun to relieve and relieve skin stress.

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