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Gorgeous Natural Lip Colours for you...

People from all over the world are flying in to upgrade themselves with our non swelling/non painful Nano lip blushing embroidery technique. Let us share the secret to beautiful lip colour correction that can effectively correct any dark lips.

Not everyone is born with great luscious lips. Nowadays semi-permanent makeup has made it so easy to stay beautiful like a natural beauty without having to put on any real makeup. At Beauty Recipe, our famous and latest Nano lip blushing embroidery has proven great results without any pain or swelling with the new method and techniques giving you 5 years of lasting lip colours.

Clients' verified NO PAIN, NO DOWNTIME and colour is amazing even in just 1 session. Numerous reviews like below have proven great results with our painless and non swell lip embroidery. 

Painless best lip blushing embroidery singapore
Best Lip Embroidery Singapore

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Look at the Pretty Organic Colours

​​​All the photos below are all taken immediately right after the Lip Embroidery almost no swelling at all. Amazed? That’s the skills of our effective nano technique available at Beauty Recipe

No more sausage swollen lips or suffering of long and pain during the lip embroidery process like it used to be before anymore. Only this technique of infusing our Nano highly pigmented organic colour pigments can correct any dark lips effectively. 

So far everyone is simply amazed how painless the process can be at Beauty Recipe with after procedure photos of clients showing no signs of redness or swelling. Other than the technique and numbing steps we use, the color pigment plays a part too.

Our pigments contains no heavy metal content, titanium oxide or iron oxide compared to those normally found in the market. The particles of the Nano size pigments are much smaller so it is able to penetrate and get absorb much easier into the skin.  


With high absorption of our Nano Pigments, the job gets done with half the time so there is minimum breakage of the skin therefore causes no swelling, redness and you will not feel much pain during the process.

With nano organic plant dye, you need not worry about skin sensitivity issues and the colour pigments will last.

At Beauty Recipe we use brand new and single time disposable materials which we throw away after each treatment for hygiene purposes. You can be assured that every needle, color cups, color pigments and items that touches the client skin are not being reused. 

Who should go for Lip Embroidery?

Are your lips?
1. Too dark?
2. Too pale?
3. Asymmetrical?
4. Unbalanced?

These are the 4 common types of people who should definitely opt for lip embroidery. Lip embroidery is great for anyone who wants to enhance and balance their lip color and here at Beauty Recipe Aesthetics, we have the best therapists and products to cater to your needs with proven results!


What to expect and how long will it last?

The intense red colour after procedure is not permanent. Your lips should start to peel on Day 3 to 4 and the intensity of the colour would drop by a lot. Colour of the lip colour would then get more intense over a 3 month period called reflection time to the final colour. You are advise to come for touch up after 3 months if you would like the colour to be more intense. The final colour should last you for around 5 years. 

How can Beauty Recipe achieve such vibrant colours with no swelling/pain?

Most semi permanent makeup artists out there are using lip colour pigments directly on the lips which are very sensitive trying to force in the colour causing a lot bleeding, pain and swelling to the client while wonder why the results were not satisfactory after healing or the colour became patchy.

We do not do it this way. We are expert in mixing colours to correct your lip colours first before adding more colours to get the best effect possible.

As everyone's lip base colour is different, colour mixing for lip colour correction steps is important before the actual treatment, right to the details of the ratio of colour used and how to ensure that the colours are mixed properly is very crucial for optimal results. Layering of colours are also crucial.

Enhanced upgraded double row machine, tools and techniques to assist in faster and better colour absorption.

Ensuring pain free and prevention of swelling during and after treatment with proper after care that prevent lip blisters is very important as well.

Prices & Touch Ups

Beauty Recipe Aesthetics also have lip embroidery colour correction for men with smoker lips/dark lips too.  

Promotion Price for Lip Embroidery Deal $288 

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All the colour dyes used are highly pigmented nano sized Organic Plant Based which are very safe so it will not cause any sensitive reaction or side effects

Eyebrow Eyeliner Lip Embroidery After Care infographic



You may also use the color correction tinted lip balm without doing the lip embroidery procedure too. 

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Best Lip embroidery Singapore

That's me pointing to my after peel lip colour a few days after having Nano Lip done. You can clearly see my previous dark lips are just gone in only one single session with Beauty Recipe. I am so happy and satisfied with the results that I don't even need a touch up session.

​Adeline/ Mrs Singapore Winner

​Adeline/ Mrs Singapore Winner

My lip colour look so vibrant all the time without the need to constantly applying lipsticks. I have done my lip with Beauty Recipe a couple of years ago previously too. I thought to just touch up and enhance the colour after so many years.

Vannytelly/ Mrs Singapore Winner

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