Camouflage Micropigmentation

What is Camouflage Micropigmentation?

Natural Effects | Skin Micropigmentation | Scar CamouflageSkin Micropigmentation is a non-surgical cosmetic technique of tattooing using micropigments into the skin, replicating the natural look of skin features. ... Many skin defects such as stretch marks, dark under eye, birthmarks, age spots, or colour blemishes have no medical cure so scar camouflage can be used to make them look better.

No Pain. No Down time. No Side Effects 

Last for 1 – 2 years 

Can cover up more than 70% of...

  • Dark Under eyes
  • Stretch marks 
  • Birthmarks 
  • Age spots
  • Colour blemishes
  • Scars

How many Sessions?

For dark under eye, it can be covered in 1 – 2 sessions. 


The number if sessions for the others, can range from 2 – 5 sessions. It will depend on the nature of the skin color, the severity of discoloration and absorption of the color pigments.


Starts from $199 - $499 depending on the area of camouflage.

How long do I have to wait before touch up?

Touch up can be done after 1 month.

Colour Pigments Used

Our Nano organic colour pigments used are plant based from Korea with nano tech size smaller molecules(with no Titanium Oxide and Iron Oxide which was found in most other colour pigments in the market) so it is safe for our clients, produce the best results as highly absorbable and will not change colour overtime.

It is important that the pigments contains no heavy metal ingredients so it will not be toxic. The colour will just fade off a bit at a time over a 1 - 2 years period until it is totally gone.

The process can be without pain with our special formula numbing that is highly effective and easy to adsorb on the skin with nano formula that acts much faster to prevent skin from swelling or hardening. 

The Camouflage Master will analysing your skin type & original colour. Then she will be mixing the colour of the pigment to match your skin colour so it would blend nicely.

Skin colour chart for camouflage Micropigmentation Training Singapore

Before & After Results

YouTube Videos about Procedure

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