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A Smile is the Best Makeup any girl can wear. Beleclat Tooth Gem Jewelry Accessories series from France allows you to wear beautiful sparkling Swarovski crystals, 24k Gold designs and Diamonds on your tooth. Cleaned and Cured with a LED lamp to kill off all bacteria and using a safe adhesive glue with LED lamp again to harden the glue which can last easily for 6 months.

You will love the twinkle on your teeth because it’s super trendy, sweet and cute.

It’s super comfortable and it is just done in 10 minutes to get the tooth gem accessory of your choice place on your teeth. You can also remove it without any harm to your teeth so it is very safe. This professional tooth jewelry kit has so many kinds of cool designs for you to choose from.



Is the procedure invasive?

The tooth gem are just glued on your teeth and cured with a LED lamp, no damage or drilling will be done on your teeth.

What glue is being use?

The glue is the same glue that dentist use to glue on braces. So it is totally safe and common.

Will it be very obvious?

You can choose the tooth that you want to place the gem. So you can make it more subtle or obvious is totally your choice.

How do I remove the Tooth Gem?

Can either wait for it to fall off by itself in around 6 months or while your visit to your dentist you may also ask the dentist to remove for you.

How long does it take?

1o mins


Swarovski Crystals – $50

24k Gold accessories(white gold/yellow gold) – $99

Diamond accessories – $200

You may view procedure video below 


Tooth Gem Crystal 7

Tooth Gem Crystal 1

Tooth Gem Crystal

Tooth Gem Crystal 5

Tooth Gem Crystal 3

Tooth Gem Crystal 6


Tooth Gem Crystal 4


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