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December 28, 2019
derma pen Embroidery machine Needles Attachments
Embroidery Machine MTS Derma Pen Needles Attachments
December 28, 2019
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Embroidery Machine MTS Derma Pen

Embroidery Tattoo Machine MTS Derma Pen

SGD 299.00

or 3 instalments of $99.67 with

Comes with 7 levels digital speed


Tried and Tested! This machine is especially good for BB glow MTS or micro needling treatment as our skin is very sensitive. So it must have a good stable internal parts that can have many speed adjustment to tailor to different skin sensitive and different area of the face for best results.

7 levels speed digital for eyebrow, eyeliner, lips, MTS, Derma pen micro needling, pmu tattoo embroidery machine with stand to adjust to any working speed with the best results. Very stable and slient.

Needles available for this machine are: 1R, 2R, 3R, 3F, 5R, 5F, 7F, Regrowth needle, MTS Nano for BB Glow/Mesotherapy, 12 pin micro-needling cartridges

Warranty Guaranteed: 1 year

Embroidery Machine MTS Derma Pen Embroidery Machine MTS Derma Pen

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