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December 28, 2019
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Best Scar Cream Removal Japan GENTACIN (1mg)

SGD 28.00

or 3 instalments of $9.33 with

Sold in Japan’s major hospitals, the best remove scar gel to scar cream 10g

✔ Caesarean scars
✔ acne scars
✔ Burn scars
✔ Cigarette burns, tattoos and
✔ Other accidents scars.

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Good feedback by the public and Japanese hospital. With just the amount of a soybean-sized is enough to treat a 15cm length scar. It has a 98% success rate to remove scar of 1 year old and 98% rate of reducing visibility of scars which are 2 years old. **If used against a 3-5cm scar, one 10g tube is enough for the usage of 14 days. 14 days usage can soften scars, 45 days off for a perfect change and 90 days to almost completely eliminate scars. Tips: We believe that effect is of the highest concern of all user. This MSD ointment is well-known in Japan and its effect had been endorsed by many professionals. However, to achieve best result, treatment must be according to the general rules of 2 years old scars will need about 2-3 tubes of the ointment to complete treatment and a more than 2 years old scar will require 4-6 tubes for treatment.


Direction for use: Clean & dry the affected area. Apply on scar 2-3 times a day.

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