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O2 Oxyjet Elixir Therapy

Whitening. Anti-aging. Moisturizing

O2 Oxyjet Elixir Therapy Facial Treatment Price : $138

Oxyjet-Elixir-Treatment oxygen facial singapore

Oxygen Hydra Facial

O2 Oxyjet Elixir Treatment helps to provide oxygen to improve blood circulation and nutrition to skin cell so as to delay aging of the cells, making skin clear, healthy and radiant.


Oxyjet-Elixir-Treatment oxygen facial singapore

Benefits of Oxygen for the skin: 

  • Lightens and prevents pigmentation & acne 
  • Balance Sebum
  • Removes dead cells with oxygen scaling
  • Soothing & Regenerating Effect 
  • Rejuvenate damaged skin from aging and UV rays
  • O2 Oxyjet Elixir Therapy Facial Course Available

    Training Kit includes:

    - Oxyjet Elixir Kit (10 treatments)

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    Both Live and Online Training Course are Available

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