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Beauty Recipe Academy is very honoured to be an Approved Government Training Provider.

Beauty Recipe Academy courses many of which could be subsidised by Government Skills Future Credit Grant for local Singaporeans. We have trained over 3000 students from 30 different countries.

Whether you are already a business owner looking to create more income with learning a new skill that is greatly in trend right now or someone looking at learning something new where you could do freelance for more income or learning new skills for your own interest to DIY and take care of yourself. We have more than 30 different beauty courses all the right courses for everyone.

Send us an email of with your enquiry, we would be happy to give advise on the courses available.

How does it work?​

Our skin not only keeps various substances including water inside the body but also prevents harmful substances from infiltrating into the body. Because of this property, it is not easy to deliver drugs into the skin, and many studies have been carried out to increase the efficiency of delivering the drug into the skin. Our soluble Microneedle particles help surpass this skin barrier and are effective in increasing skin permeability of the unstable substances, such as growth factors and peptides.

Needleless Soluble Microneedling Course

Needleless Soluble Microneedling Training Course is available Online. Our certificates are recognised worldwide and you will be able to arrange for indemnity insurance in your country if needed for our courses and will assist you through the process. Our course is fully ACCREDITED unlike other courses on the market right now that are not!

Course Fee:

Online Training Video + Kit = $300 USD / $420 Singapore Dollars


Training Kit Includes: 

sMTS Oil Crystal Essence Set

This set consists of 12 syringes of sMTS Oil Spicule Essence and one bottle of sMTS Triple Activating Serum (50mL). One syringe for 3 treatments sessions. Total yields 36 treatments in one set.

The sMTS Oil Spicule Essence enclosed in this kit contains hyaluronate (HA) based micro-spicules with skin boosting materials like oligopeptide-1, Edelweiss (leontopodium alpinum) callus culture extract, and floret polydeoxynucleotide.

The sMTS Triple Activating Serum, a dissolving serum for micro-spicules, contains skin moisturising hyaluronic acid, skin whitening niacinamide, and anti-wrinkle agent adenosine.

This professional bio-cosmetic kit that applies the proprietary sMTS technology facilitates the delivery of active ingredients deep into the skin.

Needleless Soluble Micro Needing Course

Breakthrough: New Way of Microneedling

Needleless soluble microneedling also known as sMTS Treatment is the latest craze taking over the Korean Beauty Skin care industry at the moment. If you are looking at finding the perfect solution to better skin with immediate radiant glow results without going under needles. This is it!

With just one treatment the results stands out never like any other. Illuminates and smoothen your skin with the use of soluble needle innovative technology. With SOLUBLE (dissolving) MICRONEEDLE(currently the first in the World) it guarantees results, there is no insertion, no pain, no scar and hassle free. It is suitable for all skin types. 

  • - Instant Brightening
  • - Intense Moisturizing 
  • - Perfect Smoothness 
  • - No scratching or puncturing of the skin with steel microneedling 
  • - Safely delivers active ingredients that promote cell renewal
  • - Minimize the appearance of wrinkles 

What does it contains? 

SOLUBLE (dissolving) MICRONEEDLE| EGF | Stem Cells | PDRN | HA |

How can it guarantee results? 

Good Stablilty – EGF(epidermal growth factor) can lose its efficiency when added to cosmetics. The activity of EGF is guaranteed by sMTS technology and its formulation. 

Good delivery – Soluble Micro Needle delivers active ingredients such as EGF, Hyaluronic acid and protein/peptides deep in skin layer. 

Preservative Free – Contains only beneficial ingredients

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