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Korean Makeup Course

The Beauty Recipe offer SFC-eligible courses for local Singaporeans. We have trained over 5000 students from 30 different countries.

Whether you are already a business owner looking to create more income with learning a new skill that is greatly in trend right now or someone looking at learning something new where you could do freelance for more income or learning new skills for your own interest to DIY and take care of yourself. We have more than 30 different beauty courses all the right courses for everyone.

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Korean Makeup Course

Course Duration: 6 Hours (1 Day)

Course Details:  To equip Learners with the necessary professional personal grooming skills to trim their eyebrows, how to take care of their skin and confidently apply everyday makeup on their face to enhance their features and achieve more confidence.

Course fees: $500

*Makeup Kit will be given to you – Foundation, Eyebrow pencil, Eyeliner, Eyeshadow, Mascara, Highlighter, Bronzer, Blusher, Lip Stick (Worth $380)

best learn Professional Makeup kit training course class singapore

Module 1 –Introduction

Module 2 – Preparing the skin

Module 3 – Materials

Module 4 – The base

Module 5 – The eye concealer

Module 6 – Face powder

Module 7 – Eye brows

Module 8 – Eye shadows

Module 9 – Eyeliners

Module 10 – Mascara: eye lashes

Module 11: Blush

Module 12: Lips

Module 13: Illuminating Face powder

Module 14: Sealing makeup

The Power of Makeup

Korean makeup makeover training course singapore

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