How Staying at Home During Circuit Breaker Affects our skin?

Have you been choosing the right type of eyelash Extensions
Have you been choosing the right type of Eyelash Extensions?
June 22, 2020
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How Staying at Home During Circuit Breaker Affects our skin?

How Staying at Home During Circuit Breaker Affects our skin

How Stay Home Circuit Breaker Affects our skin?

Staying home for the entire eight weeks for the Circuit Breaker is a really long time. This is probably the longest anyone would be confined to their home experiencing so far.

Most of the business sectors are still unable to open, so the stay home saga continues for many of us. Especially when all the beauty parlours are still unable to open, we would need to find a solution to groom ourselves as much as we could. 

Have you ever wonder how would this circuit breaker affect our skin? 

Most of us usually rely on paying a professional to keep us looking, well, not like a yeti. But this Covid-19 Virus is going to change what may deem normal to us as we have to have a change of lifestyle over ''not sure for how long''.

Why not learn with us on how you can take good care of our skin and make full use of the time at home to gain some real tips and beauty hacks by professional like us which has been in the beauty and hair industry for over 40 years.

How to keep your skin glowing at home?

Here is 6 simple tips to make sure you come out of the circuit breaker as confident as ever. 

So that at the end of the circuit breaker, we emerge the other end glowing and not growling? 🙂

Let us see below how by staying indoors for a period of time can affect your skin so you can prevent or make a change...

1. Breakouts

Our faces might be getting a rest from make-up but that’s all we are getting a rest from really, with the future unknown, stress levels aren’t just showing in our blowouts with partners (or is that just me,) it can also show on our faces.

Stress is a recognised trigger for inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and acne which make it all the more unsurprising that people are saying they are breaking out at the moment.

I am trying out Yoga and its pretty good for stretching out the body and to focus on your own breathing to calm yourself.


Also you may turn to things like mindfulness, meditation and exercise to try and relax and refocus. Don't forget to do things that would decrease your stress levels as we are all stress in some ways or another getting affected by the situation, some more than the others. So I urge everyone to take good care of their mental health as it is indeed extremely important.  

Another reason your skin might be having breakouts is because of our eating habits.

I have been telling my friends that I would need to start to wear a mask even when I am at home. Not to keep the virus away but the mask is to keep me from eating and snacking so much.

You are not the only one that is feeling guilty from all the snacking and junk food that we are stuffing our body with. 

Taking the freedom away from us to be able to go out and to do what we want is no longer allowed at this point, so we can only find new pleasure to enjoy and indulge in the food we love(unknowingly in excess).

So snack eating what we want and also over eating might seem to be the NEW pleasure we get out of nowadays being stuck at home.

Since so much more time at home, there’s even more chances to sneak into the fridge for some sweet treats, which, in turn, hurt your waist line and skin. Simple hacks for getting round this include switching to milk rather than having dark chocolate and filling up on fruits/nuts. Avoid fizzy soft drinks and try to drink more water.

2. Get your glow on

One of my favourite excuses has to be that I don’t have time but sadly, in this period of global slow-down, I just can’t say it anymore. One of the things I used to excuse was never doing at-home facials, an easy and quick way to get glowing.

So, I’m following the advice of Lady Gaga’s facialist, Adeela Crown, and I’m getting my glow on. She suggests a nightly routine of massaging your favourite oils into your skin for five minutes or even a home prepared mask. “Home facials aren’t complicated; we can just reach into our fridge an introduce the clean simplicity of natural ingredients back into our skin.

Things like Manuka honey, rose water, green tea, matcha, turmeric, natural yogurt and berries are great ingredients for face masks” she says. However, if the thought of brewing up your own masks is too much effort, highly moisturising and deeply calming masks will help combat stress and the effects of too much air-conditioning being at home.

Below are Top 2 recommendations from our E-Shop.

FAU Spotlight Whitening Mask Korea

FAU Spotlight Whitening Mask that can whiten and brighten your skin by at least 3 to 4 shades in a single use


EGFEP Intensive Velvet Mask filled with Epidermal Growth Factor 

3. Get that Vitamin D

Too much sun is bad for you, but then again, so is too little sun since we are mostly home all the time. For sure we are all not getting enough sun. Hmm, so what to do then?

Try to still go out to do your exercises once a day, even if you don't like running. Try brisk walking around your neighbourhood where there isn't crowded to get some sun for 20-30 minutes a day.

Well, leading dermatologist, Dr Mark Hudson-Peacock advises loading up on Vitamin D. “Often called the ‘sunshine vitamin’, vitamin D plays an integral role in skin protection and rejuvenation.

It is activated in the skin by ultraviolet B light and, in its activated form as calcitriol, vitamin D is involved with skin cell growth, repair, and metabolism. It also enhances the skin’s immune system and helps to destroy those free radicals that can lead to premature sun ageing.”

4. Dead Skin Cells

If there is one thing we have on our hands right now it’s time which means you can get down to some really good exfoliating.

Essential for removing the build-up of dry skin, during this time when no-one is going to see you, switch to a heavier chemical exfoliator with active AHA/BHA to help the skin’s cellular turnover. No excuse for dull skin anymore after circuit breaker.

Try the Organic Pumpkin Peeling System that provides peeling & repair at the same time with nourishment, improves dull skin, moisturises with natural pumpkin enzyme + AHA + BHA + 17 essential Amino acids.

This is an organic peel system as the peeling ingredients are naturally found in the pumpkin fruit and not made chemically in the lab compared to all the chemical peels that is in the market. The pumpkin fruit contains the highest amount of Vitamin A, B, C, D, E, minerals and omega found in any fruit on earth. So it is very effective for great results. 

5. Keep it clean

Sure we might not be going anywhere but that’s not excuse to turn into skin slobs, just ask Jasmina Vico, celebrity skincare expert who explains: “We need to clean our skin twice per day to remove sweat, sebum production and any toxins that we may have produced.” Keeping up with our cleansing routine isn’t just good for our skin, studies have found that keeping to routines also helps level out our mental states, making this a double win.

Try this latest model of Ultrasonic Ion Skin Scrubber that has automatic mist spray. 

High Tech Device for the ultimate pore cleansing to remove black heads, dirt, toxins and makeup that is stuck in your pores through Ultrasonic Vibration that easily brings out your black head without having to squeeze them.

It also helps with Massaging, Tightening and Moisturising with product importing into the pores with negative ion nutrition mode.

Comes with mist spray for hydration to use conveniently. It has Blue Ray Sterilisation and 24k Gold Head to prevent infection. The device is also waterproof and have wireless charging.

6. Screen it

Whether it’s from frowning at your phone, digesting the world news or just from the hours in front of zoom calls or watching dramas and movies on TV. With all these screens, there is no denying that we are super exposed to that nasty blue light right now. Our phones and laptop’s blue light emits a high energy visable light that sadly can lead to collagen damage, pigment changes and even, ageing.

So what can we do about it? Well, you can try adding an SPF into your skincare daily and even an antioxidant booster to your nightly routine to strengthen your skin’s natural defense against the blue lights.

Yes its true, even when at home we need to be applying SPF. This is what I apply everyday without fail for the last 5 years to recommend this Tinted 3 in 1 SPF sunblock with skin care anti aging antioxidant ingredients for every day use whether you are outdoors or indoors. 3 in 1 = Block the sun/ blue rays to protect your skin, tinted so it has some coverage and it has anti aging anti oxidant to nourish the skin all at the same time. BEST for lazy people like me so I don't need to apply layers upon layers.

This brightens the skin and it has a great natural color that will adjust to any skin tone. No one can tell you applied anything on. That is why I love it!

BB Blemish Balm Cream Q10 SPF 25 Natural Tinted Sunblock 3 in 1
Beauty Recipe Blemish Balm Cream Q10 SPF 25 Natural Tinted Sunblock 3 in 1

Those guilty of late nights of watching dramas, gaming or simply insomnia. I am sure you want to know how to best get rid of the dark under eye circles. I was messaging one of my friend to check out how they are doing and below is a photo she sent me. I thought it was pretty cute to share it here with you. HAHAAH!!!

Here is a great miracle botox-like Eye Cream made with Epidermal Growth Factor to erase that dark under eye or wrinkles away. 

I hope that we are all hanging in there physically, mentally and emotionally. I am anxious about going back out to work again when the next phase re-opens.

I am really glad to be blessed as Singaporeans our country is safe and the government takes cares of us to a certain extend. Let's all be thankful and grateful for everything God has put into our lives. Help those less fortunate and pull through these tough times together.

Stay positive! See you soon in Phase 2 🙂 xxx 

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