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Due to aging, our skin’s natural collagen diminishes and we
start to see wrinkleswhen we lose our youthfulness. Skin problems like acne and
pigmentations on the face at the later stage in our lives are mainly caused by
blocked meridians, clogged pores and poor circulation. Skin dullness, wrinkles
and other problems are often symptoms of changes in the body’s condition and
attention should also be spent on unblocking the meridian channels so the body
can be revitalized and the organs can perform their functions efficiently.

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What is TCM Bojin
Therapy Facial?

Bojin Facial is a form of acupressure facial massage that is holistic, non-invasive, and painless with plenty of health benefits. Acupressure facial massage is rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine concepts, which stimulate pressure points to ease pain, lower stress, and increase your overall wellness which takes out your inner glow. TCM Bojin therapy facial makes it possible to grow old gracefully without going under the surgeon’s knife. Using the mix of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) massages and natural bio masks, the Bojin therapy brings the best out of two worlds! While the pampering facial massage works on the meridian points and muscles for a rejuvenating facelift, the Bio mask bolsters the effects by refining the pores, calming the skin, and also leaving you feeling younger and fully rejuvenated. It is a powerful step to add to your skincare regime that works wonders for all skin types.

This TCM Bojintherapy facial treatment kicks off with a gentle double-cleanse, using customized steps and products while keeping your unique skin type into consideration. After the cleansing, your face is gently massaged with the Bojin using an especially master-crafted essential oil blend, which not only triggers lymphatic drainage but also eliminates clogged pores and leaves your skin radiant, supple, and evenly toned. Even better, it can also help to up lift your skin and defineoutline of the jawline, leading to a more V-shaped and slimmer face. Where Bojin is also known as Meridians Tissues Manipulation, a unique deep facial massage that blends the philosophy of meridians, acupuncture points, and ‘chi’ with the modern knowledge of muscular fascia.

Bojin facial shares the same principles with guasha, however, Bojin goes deeper into the muscles and does not cause as much redness. Bojin facial uses an ox horn tool to work on tense tendons and ligaments and unblock clogged meridian channels on the face that leads to frowning lines and wrinkles. At the same time, a Bojin facial release tension from the face and relieves stress and headaches. Bojin can also be used to sculpt a slimmer face by shaping the jaw for a more V-shaped face.

A Bojin face massage also works on the meridian points to open up the blockages in the face, paving the way for increased blood circulation. As the pioneers of this miraculous facial therapy in Singapore, Beauty Recipe Aesthetics takes pride in skillfully integrating this unique Chinese technique with impeccable execution by professionally trained therapists to bring instant and lasting lifting with rejuvenating results. Using Bo Jin therapy helps to unblock the facial meridians, allowing the benefits of beauty treatments to be better absorbed by the skin, restoring the natural health and color of the skin.

While some others may also know how Bojin works but we master
it and this is not just about tackling a particular meridian but understanding
how the ‘chi’ flows through the body. Hence, we emphasize preparing the body
for Bojin through numerous ways, the different meridian channels that are
inter-linked; we help our customers plan their beauty and health regime here.

Benefits of TCM Bojin
Facial Therapy

TCM Bojin facial therapy offers numerous benefits which help to flush out toxins, regulate the Qi that clogs the meridian channels and blood, improve blood circulation, and stimulate the cells to allow them to function optimally. This form of therapy also solves skin problems such as saggy skin; minimizes fine lines and creates a V-shape face for mature skin. Users of Bo Jin therapy also experience skin improvements in the areas of lighter dark eye circles, pigmentation, oil control, acne, skin brightening, improving skin dullness, and rough pores, and so on.

You can also experience
the full effects of TCM Bo Jin therapy Facial, as follows-

• This Strengthens body immunity and prevents sensitivity.
Regulate the function of the liver in detoxification and the liver channel.

• Regulate the functionality of blood supply to the heart,
the heart meridian, and improves the skin’s dryness due to lack of water.

• Regulate the spleen channel; improves the symptoms of
yellow face and dullness caused by the decline of spleen function.

• Regulate the function of the lungs, thus helping to reduce
the appearance of big pores.

• Regulate the kidney channel, which reduces the appearance
of eye bags, skin dullness due to the decline of renal function.

Through TCM Bo Jin therapy Facial, Beauty Recipe offers subtle and long-lasting enhancement while maintaining a smoother, plumper, and more youthful appearance by putting a halt to the sign of natural aging. Not only you’ll realize why the Bojin Facial is a holistic technique used to reverse aging but also be exhilarated to see that ‘You don’t look your age! This fine-tuning serves to amplify one’s self-esteem and confidence tremendously.

In general, Bojin therapeutic massage offers the benefits of detoxification, enhancing skin immunity, improving skin tone, and a lasting effect on skin health. Bojin treatment opens up the blocked meridian channels in the body, thereby improving blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. This process helps eliminate toxins build up from the body.

Summing up

At Beauty Recipe, In TCM
Bojin Therapy Facial
we massage uses the meridian channels to effectively
target the fascia structure the layer of connective tissue surrounding muscles
and muscle groups, blood vessels, and nerves that appears throughout the body.
The fascia binds some structures together while permitting others to slide
smoothly over each other. It serves several important roles, such as
transporting nutrition, blood, and ‘chi’ and dispelling of toxins, helping the
viscera to complete their functions.

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