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Beauty Recipe Academy is very honoured to be an Approved Government Training Provider.

Beauty Recipe Academy courses many of which could be subsidised by Government Skills Future Credit Grant for local Singaporeans.

Whether you are already a business owner looking to create more income with learning a new skill that is greatly in trend right now or someone looking at learning something new where you could do freelance for more income or learning new skills for your own interest to DIY and take care of yourself. We have all the right courses for everyone.

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What is Camouflage Micropigmentation?

Natural Effects | Skin Micropigmentation | Scar CamouflageSkin Micropigmentation is a non-surgical cosmetic technique of tattooing using micropigments into the skin, replicating the natural look of skin features. ... Many skin defects such as stretch marks, dark under eye, birthmarks, age spots, or colour blemishes have no medical cure so scar camouflage can be used to make them look better.

Camouflage Micropigmentation stretch marks Singapore

Skin Camouflage Micro Pigmentation Training Course

Course Objective: Learn the latest and most advanced, painless technology to cover up stretch marks, scars, uneven hyperpigmentations, under-eye dark circles that can be undesirable to individuals, and help them regain their confidence.

Course Duration: 2 Days
Course Fees: $2000 SGD

Course Content

. Learn how to work professionally with micro-pigmentation machinery
. Learn about Skin Anatomy and needle placement in the skin
. Learn about the Fitzpatrick skin color variation
. Learn about needle variation
. Live Model Demonstration Videos
. Lifetime Online Support


Skin Camouflage Kit supplies for up to 20 clients

Camouflage Micropigmentation panda eyes Singapore

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