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Black Magnetic Therapy

Anti-POLLUTION power therapy for urban aging skin

Black Magnetic Therapy Facial Treatment Price : $168

With pollution levels at an all time rise, more and more of us are getting concerned with its effects on our skin. A Korean Beauty essential, try our signature black therapy facial that offers so much more than a regular clean up.


Benefits of Black Magnetic Therapy?

What is Black Therapy Facial?

The cons of living the city life would have to be the damage inflicted on your skin by dirt and pollution. Our signature black Therapy uses natural black magnetite to remove fine dust and heavy metals deep within your pores. Not only does it deep clean your skin but rejuvenates skin elasticity too. The facial also makes most of bell therapy for lymphatic drainage.

Immediate effects:

  • - Deep Cleaning & Pore Cleansing detox skin
  • - Improved Blood Circulation
  • - Skin Elasticity
  • - Lymphatic Drainage
  • - Skin Brightening & Whitening

Detox Detox Detox...

Using the Pure black magnetite and magnetic field from northern Europe promote blood circulation, metabolism. It will ultimately help to achieve skin rejuvenation and brightening.

Nano bio magnetic particles uniformly embedded in Natural silk elastic sheet promote the magnetic field to enhance metabolic circulation in the skin.

Magnetic wave strengthens delivery of oxygen fast in the red blood cell.

At the same time, highly enriched essence deeply penetrates into the skin, promoting elasticity and regeneration by Cell Bio Tunnel System. In addition, it builds up skin barrier from outside and discharge toxic in the skin.

Last process is fascia muscle touch using air pressure for elasticity, rejuvenation. While fascia muscle is pulling out by bell and hand technic, all the moving promotes lymph node and blood circulation, immediately affect the skin tone.

Black Magnetic Therapy Facial Course Available

Training Kit includes:

– 1 box of Black Therapy Treatment Set (10 treatments)

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Both Live and Online Training Course are Available

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