All About Plasma Fibroblast and Its Effective Treatment Method

Plasma fibroblasts is a non-surgical procedure that applies plasma energy to the skin. Plasma is a form of energy created by the reaction of positive and negative ions in the air with electricity. This is how you see the lighting in the sky.

Treatment is done using an plasma pen: the instrument uses a small metal sample to ionize atmospheric gas which produces a little plasma flash at the tip of the device.

This non-invasive treatment is well suited for skin tightening and is dedicated to reducing the signs of aging on the skin and in many areas. The most popular is the plasma fibroblast eyelift although Plasma Fibroblast treatments can treat any part of the face & body.

What Happens During Plasma Fibroblast Non-Surgical Procedure?

The plasma pen does not touch your skin, the dots are produced by placing a plasma pen near to the skin, which produces tiny ‘sparks’ around 1 mm away from the skin.

A Scab or crust is formed immediately that tightens and lifts the skin nearby as your skin shrinks.

P​lasma Fibroblast is a 100% non invasive procedure that only affects around 0.3mm of the top epidermal level of the skin surface which is even lesser to cosmetic eyebrow embroidery or microblading which is at 0.8mm. Our epidermal skin is around 1mm deep.

The scabs takes about 5-7 days to fall off. So there is no chance of scaring or any risk of infection because there is no open wound.

This treatment is the perfect used for non-surgical plasma eye lift, as not many treatments in the market can be used near the eyes as the eyes are very sensitive areas, since it only targets the superficial cells of the skin. There is no open wound or have any risks of scaring.

What Happens Inside The Skin?

But the plasma energy itself travels deep into the dermis to activate your fibroblast cells which are in charge of your collagen production, hyaluronic acid production, cells regeneration, skin strength and elasticity.

Over a period of 2-3 months after the treatment, the fibroblasts in the skin will be activated to produce more protein, collagen and elastin. Therefore, reinforcing the firming and tightening effect with optimal results at 8 – 12 weeks. 

This treatment is versatile and can also treat the following issues:

 • Dark circles and droopy eyes

 • Acne scars / surgical scars

 • Abdomen / stretch marks

 • Pigmentation, age spots and sunburns

 • Any wrinkles or sagging / sagging skin

 • Large pores

 • Nose Sculpting/ Nose Contouring

• To balance any Unbalanced lip / removes lip lines

 • Nasolabial folds / forehead line and marionette line

 • Mole, mile seed and skin tag removal

Research shows that Fibroblasts can continue to stimulate the skin to produce collagen for up to 1 year.

The result is permanent, although it will not prevent your natural aging process. You should see results almost to cosmetic surgery for many years.

The Procedure Of Plasma Fibroblast

Before treatment begins, Beauty Recipe will guide you through and explains to you the entire procedure and answer any questions you may have.

Is it Painless or Painful? —-Plasma Treatments are becoming more popular as one of the most inviting aspects of this treatment is that it is virtually pain-free. –as tropical anaesthetic is applied on the area treated.

This is true of the session itself and of the following recovery period. Yes, there may be a little discomfort during the recovery time in the days following a session especially if you have a bigger area treated, but slight discomfort is as bad as it gets – totally worth it for the tightening and glowing skin you get in return!

During The Plasma Therapy– the patient may feel some slight discomfort rather than actual pain, depending on the size of ​​the face/body being treated.

After Treatment-After about 20 minutes of numbing, the treatment can commence. The expert will create a series of tiny dots near the tension line on the skin. These points are made by placing the plasma pen close to the skin, which will produce little “sparks” about 1mm from the skin. Or more precisely: pulses of “plasma lightning” in the micro-millimeter range.

Ending off with cold pack to cool off the area for 10 minutes.

Duration For Fibroblast–The process takes 60 minutes and takes effect immediately generally. Within a few days of treatment, the fibroblasts in the skin will be activated to produce more protein, collagen, and elastin. Therefore, the firming and firming effects are enhanced, and the best results are achieved after eight weeks.

If anyone has advised you to go for plasma fibroblast, choose Beauty Recipe. This is because they have more than 40 years of experience, with more than 100,000 satisfied customers and more than 5,000 students trained around the world. At Beauty Recipe, the team understands that well-trained employees using the right products and equipment by precise and efficient procedures can deliver excellent results for our clients. They firmly believe that beauty is for everyone, and they aim to become the best beauty supplier and training academy for clients and students from all over the world.

How is Plasma Fibroblast Better Than Other Treatments In The Market Like Lasers, HIFU, RF, Microneedling…etc?

Well, all the theory behind these treatments are similar. It is to activate the fibroblast cells that are deep in the dermis. But in order to do that these treatments use different forms of energy which have to be high powered or very invasive in order to reach deep down into the dermis layer. Therefore, they are not suitable to treat the eye area. Plasma energy compared to all these is better in the sense that it can travel deep into the dermis with very minimal trauma to your skin. Which means, no pain and minimal downtime.  Plasma Eyelift is the only treatment that can remove excess skin near the eye area without surgery.

Why Choose Beauty Recipe?

Their team focuses on skincare, haircare, semi-permanent makeup (eyebrows, eyeliner, lips, scalp, areola, camouflage micro-pigmentation), eyelashes, nails, and makeup. Some of their courses are part of the Singapore SFC course support eligible for Singaporeans. Their internationally accredited educators certified in the UK and South Korea are recognized worldwide for their insurance support.

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Quality Product–The best part of choosing them is their quality products manufactured and approved. The products are herbal pure organic color pigments from Korea’s SPMU and eyelash materials, clinical-grade glue, and skincare products.

Safe To Use Product–Safe products applicable to all their services. All their SPMU, eyelashes, skin care, and hair care products are FDA / HSA / KFDA approved and did not contain harmful chemicals suitable for all skin types.

Effective Service-Their revolutionary non-surgical plasma facelift/eye lift non-surgical fibroblast plasma facelift can remove and reduce fine lines, wrinkles, scars, uneven discoloration, loose skin on the face and neck or abdomen. Moreover, it eliminates skin blemishes, such as skin tags and sunburn damage. The results are comparable to plastic surgery and are permanent in most areas.

Get An Effective Fibroblast Treatment From Beauty Recipe The fibroblast device uses an applicator instead of a needle. The applicator does not touch or penetrate the skin at all. The device produces a flash of plasma at the tip of the applicator. The second jumps from the end of the applicator to the skin, where it reacts with fibroblasts in the skin. The expert team offers free consultation wherein their service standards and work are meticulous, and there are many accolades, recommendations, and accolades on the Internet. Moreover, they provide free eyebrow design and skin analysis, and they offer the most candid consultation for free.

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