Advance Eyeliner Embroidery Course

Advance Eyeliner Embroidery Course

yuki eyeliner embroidery course singapore

Why take this course?

This course will impart confidence to ensuring comfort of your client, pain free and prevention of swelling during / after treatment with proper after care that prevent scabbing and minimal of peeling during the 1 week after treatment. 

As client’s skin and reaction is all different to each individual. It is important to select the best technique for the client. The course will cover 3 different techniques for doing eyeliner and different designs according to eye shape of client.

1. Manual Method With Micoblading

2. Manual Method With Double Row Needle

3. With Machine

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About Beauty Recipe Academy

Highly recognised being the top in the Semi Permanent Makeup & Beauty industry. Voted by more than 100,000 people over one week as winner of Best Permanent Makeup: Eyebrow, Eyeliner, Lip Embroidery by Spa & Salon 2018 Beauty Insider Award(Singapore’s Leading Beauty Review and Magazine Site). We are also Awarded at International Permanent Makeup Championship 2018 beating over 400 contestants globally. With a well-known approved International Training Academy supported by Singapore government grants(Skills Future for Singaporeans), we have trained thousands of students locally & globally.

In our internationally beauty academy, our certificates are Accredited with worldwide recognition which means you will be able to get insurance to carry out these services in any country. Please send us a email request if you require insurance after your course completion with your certificate.

Eyeliner embroidery singapore

Advance Eyeliner Embroidery Course

Total Price: $1000

Certificate awarded completion of course

Course Duration: 1 day

Training Hours: 8 Hours of private coaching one to one session with trainer with live model practice

Course Content 

Theory of Eye & Shapes of eyes

Health & Safety


Different Eyeliner Design

How to use different types of Eyeliner Embroidery pigments

Eyeliner Manual Method With Micoblading

Eyeliner Manual Method With Double Row Needle

Eyeliner With Machine

Full demonstration



Live Coaching & Hands on

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\Eyeliner embroidery training course singapore

Full Training Kit included (worth $500)

– Special Eyeliner Machine specifically stable for eyes

– Eye numbing cream & Intermediate Numbing Ampoule

– 2 in 1 Heavily Pigmented Nano Sized Plant Based Organic Colour Pigments

– Dark Powder

– Practice Skins

– Ring cups

– Color Stand

– Anti Numbing Pencil

– Aftercare Cream

– Machine and manuals Needles

– Makeup Bag

– Handbook

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