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水光护理 Watershine Skin Boosters Singapore

How does the 水光护理 Watershine Skin Boosters Hyaluronic acid works?

水光护理 Watershine Skin Boosters is also known in Singapore as Derma Shine, Hydro Shine, Hydra Shine, Aqua Shine, Mulguang, Skin booster injection with many names to it.

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One time Treatment of the 水光护理 Watershine Skin Boosters treatment gives your skin intense hydration equivalent to applying 1000 Facial Mask or 400 Facials!

It is done using a machine called Crystal Injector to input the hyaluronic acid in our skin which adds direct moisture to the dermis skin with the superficial micro-injections to provide even distribution with very minimal discomfort and downtime. It has high anti-aging effect for maintaining elastic, hydration and even out the skin tone. By adding the Vitamin C it could also whiten your skin. With the crystal injector, a proper amount and accurate depth of skin the hyaluronic acid stays and adding moistures to the skin.

After applying the anesthetic cream, you can hardly feel much at all. Following the face line with the machine one part at a time until the whole face is done. Because the micro needles were only to the surface of the dermis layer of the skin, it has no dangers to your nerves or veins. It is like a MTS (micro needling therapy system) tool but with a injection function. This machine can also inject vitamin C or the Baby Face Treatment (DNA Stem Cells).

水光护理 Skin Boosters Watershine Singapore

HUONS is the brand of the Hyaluronic acid used in most of the Hospitals, Clinics and Beauty Salons in Korea which is  KFDA approved. Hyaluronic acid provides intense dermal hydration and maintains the skin’s health, tone and moisture levels, all of which deplete as we age.

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水光护理 Watershine Skin Boosters first hits the Korean market in about 2009 and it is the secret to how Korean actors and actresses get their shiny, dewy translucent beautiful skin. Now it is getting really popular in Asia including China, Japan, Taiwan, Hongkong, Malaysia and Singapore since 2013 and still getting more and more popular until now.

Benefits of 水光护理 Watershine Skin Boosters?

  • Face brightening and radiant skin
  • Intense hydration benefits
  • Skin rejuvenation

水光护理 Watershine Skin Boosters Singapore

What not to do after treatment?

  • Cleansing and light makeup are allowed from the day after treatment
  • Avoid strong UV and apple sunscreens at all times
  • Avoid drinking alcohol, smoking, sauna and extreme exercise or anything that will make you dehydrated will be unhelpful in healing for 5-7 days.
  • Do not use any cosmetics that is not confirmed to be safe as it may cause skin irritation.
  • Apply the 100% pure aloe vera gel given to you regularly to promote healing and hydration

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This sums up the information about the popular Watershine Skin Boosters Treatment from Korea.

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