Scalp & Hairline Micropigmentation Course

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Hairline Embroidery Singapore

New invention of the Spin Wheel Roller Blades has made a massive impact on Semi Permanent Makeup techniques and it has revolutionised the way eyebrows, hairline and scalp micro pigmentation is done.

Patented by Beauty Recipe Academy on this meso technique that is the first non invasive scalp & hairline micropigmentation, we are looking for local & overseas collaborations to expand this awesome technique all over the world.

Why the spin wheel roller blade is much better? 

Difference between Scalp Micro pigmentation


Previously before invention of spin wheel needles, hairline embroidery was done by the microblading method with either 14-18 pin needles cutting the skin to create lines on the scalp which I personally find it too artificial looking and the effect after peeling wasn’t fantastic besides the fact that colour absorption is not as high compared to the spin wheel so therapist has to double cut and blade in colour at least a number of times on the scalp to make sure that there is colour. This is also much more painful compared to the spin wheel method while client will only feel slightly ticklish when using the spin wheel roller blade. Must more risk that the colour pigment will smudge on the skin after healing with old microblading method.

Scalp Micropigmentation

Previously before invention of spin wheel needles, scalp pigmentation was done by using tattoo/embroidery machine by using a single head needle to input the colour pigment by poking into the scalp one at a time. It is a very tedious and long process using this method thus it needs at least 3-4 sessions to complete the entire head therefore the very high price tag of $5000 to $10,000 which turn off many clients and the process is long and tiring for both therapist and the client as well. With this new technique for the scalp micro pigmentation, it can completed in just one or two
session making it more affordable for clients too. The previous method is also much more painful compared to the spin wheel method while client will only feel slightly ticklish when using the spin wheel roller blade.

Basically, the spin wheel blade is just simply amazing, other than fast colour absorption, the colour retention is also more lasting compared to the old method.

This new method provides pain free and lasting brows and hairline and scalp micro pigmentation.

Alopecia Areata Cover up

Alopecia Areata Cover Up

Front Baldness redesign of front forehead

Front baldness redesign of front forehead

Crown & back of head scalp micopigmentation

Back of head scalp micopigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation

Camouflage Scalp Micropigmentation

Cover of Scar on the Scalp

Covering of Scar on the Scalp


Scalp Micropigmentation Training Singapore

Scalp Micro Pigmentation for full bald head


Scalp micropigmentation tattoo singapore

Crown top scalp micro pigmentation





Crown top hairline extension by mico pigmentation

Hairline Embroidery Singapore 1

Side burn & hairline extension

Hairline extension singapore

Side burn & hairline extension



Hairline scalp eyebrow micropigmentation training course


Scalp & Hairline Micopigmentation Training Course Fees: $2000 Singapore Dollars ($1480 USD) 

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Both Live and Online training course is available.

Full Student Kit included

Scalp hairline micropigmenation 1

Scalp hairline micropigmenation 3

Scalp hairline micropigmenation 2

Scalp hairline micropigmenation 4

Scalp hairline micropigmenation 5

Scalp hairline micropigmenation 6

Scalp hairline micropigmenation 7

Scalp hairline micropigmenation 8

Scalp hairline micropigmenation 9

Scalp hairline micropigmenation 10

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We are looking for local & overseas students to become trainers to collaborate spreading this better technique worldwide to level up in Semi Permanent Makeup. We already have trainers starting in Singapore, Ireland, UK, France, Thailand & Indonesia getting their email box and Facebook messages flooded wanting to book for doing the services & learning the courses. They are doing so well and we are expanding so fast so we are looking for collaborations to train more trainers. Not only will you be able to provide this service but also to teach and issue your students with international certification to be insured. The whole system can be taught through online.

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Congrats for our Irish Student for getting the Trainer title and opening the Masterclass in Ireland.

scalp hairline micropigmentation ireland training course