Non Laser Tattoo Removal Course

Non Laser Tattoo Removal Course 

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Why choose us?

Highly recognised being the top in the Semi Permanent Makeup & Beauty industry. Voted by more than 100,000 people over one week as winner of Best Permanent Makeup: Eyebrow, Eyeliner, Lip Embroidery by Spa & Salon 2018 Beauty Insider Award(Singapore’s Leading Beauty Review and Magazine Site). We are also Awarded at International Permanent Makeup Championship 2018 beating over 400 contestants globally. With a well-known approved International Training Academy supported by Singapore government grants(Skills Future for Singaporeans), we have trained thousands of students locally & globally.

In our internationally recognised academy, the courses are USA, UK and Australia Accredited which means you will be able to get insurance to carry out these services in your strictly regulated industry.

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Our trainers are experienced with international exposure, well trained and updated with the latest semi-permanent makeup in Korea every year to bring you the latest trend with the best techniques available out there. We work with the best trainers to teach our international students from all over the world. Online Training is now also AVAILABLE!!!!

Non Laser Tattoo Removal Training Course

1 day – (8 hours)
Course Fees: $1800/-

Course Details

– About Tattoo Removal and how tattoo colour works

– Skin Atomy

– How is Non Laser Tattoo Removal different to Laser Removal

– Benefits of Non Laser Tattoo Removal

– Equipments and Tools

– How to remove tattoo fully

– How to make redesign and remove eyebrow tattoo partially

– How to combine cover up and camouflage of eyebrow tattoo with the tattoo removal solution

– Before and Aftercare


Materials Provided

– Machine

– Needles (10pcs)

– Tattoo Removal Solution

– Non Powder special Skin Color Pigment

– Brightening Pigment

– Practice Skin

– Numbing Cream

– Anti bacterial Solution

– After Care cream

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