Needle Free Skin Booster

Needle Free Skin Booster Infusion 

Skin Boosters is also known in Singapore as Derma Shine, Hydro Shine, Hydra Shine, Aqua Shine, Mulguang. One time Treatment gives your skin intense hydration equivalent to applying 1000 Facial Mask! Hydra Skin Booster of Hyaluronic Acid can now be infused into the epidermis layer of the skin without the use of any needles or injection with this Titanium Micro Water Gun used for Needle Free Skin Booster & Mesotherapy infusion by air pressure pulse technology through micro pores opening of the skin.

This can add direct moisture to the epidermis skin to provide even distribution with no discomfort and downtime. It has high anti-aging effect for maintaining elastic, hydration and even out the skin tone.

needle free injection pulse technology


– Non-invasive no redness/swelling or downtime.

– Painless & does not require any anaesthesia

– Quick, easy to use and fast absorption

– Immediate skin rejuvenation, improve the overall skin texture

– Increase hydration and hyaluronic acid (a naturally occurring substance in the body) levels in the skin

– Provides moisture to thirsty skin and helps to plump up the skin

– Reduce fine lines, pores and even mild acne scars are reduced.

– Able to infuse any mesotherapy products into epidermis layer.

Mesotherapy can be use for v face slimming, dissolve/ melt body fats, various skin boosters with hyaluronic acid, stem cell, muti vitamins….etc for deeper skin infusion.

Can be done on face, hand, neck or any body part.

This Treatment includes Full facial with extraction, massage, deep cleansing and mask with 2.5ml of Hyaluronic acid infusion (120 minutes) @ $288

Skin booster facial singapore