Lip Embroidery

Latest Korean Graduation Lip Embroidery Singapore

Not everyone is born with great luscious lips. Nowadays semi-permanent makeup has made it so easy to stay beautiful like a natural beauty without having to put on any real makeup. At Beauty Recipe, our famous and latest graduation lip embroidery proven great results without any pain or swelling with the new method and techniques from Korea for 3-4 years of lasting lip colors.

Numerous genuine real paying customers photos and review like below have proven great results with our painless and non swell lip embroidery. Choose Beauty Recipe to enhance your lip colour.

Photos are taken immediately right after the Lip Embroidery with very minimal and almost no swelling at all. Amazed? That’s the skills of our effective new Korean technique available at Beauty Recipe. No more sausage swollen lips or suffering of long and pain during the lip embroidery process like it used to be before anymore.

Let’s run through the fuss free and painless lip embroidery process...

Step 1: Sanitiszing, cleaning and a sweet sugar Lip Scrub to remove dead skin on the lips
Step 2: Putting Cotton Pad into mouth to prevent any colour pigments(safe organic pigments made with plants) and numbing liquid to get inside your mouth. During the process, the cotton pad has been constantly changed to new ones for cleaner hygiene and greater comfort of our clients.

Step 3: Numbing Steps repeated for around 5-6 times for total numbness in 20-30 minutes waiting time.
Step 4: Colour Correction steps is done to remove dark coloured areas(if necessary)
Step 5: Colour pigments are mixed according to your lip to tailor the best outcome based on individual lip condition. This step is called Chromatics and is one of the most crucial part to get the graduation lip effect.
Step 6: Application of Collagen fluid and Anti-swellng/anti inflammation cream
Step 7: Ta-da!!! You are done in about 1 hour with gorgeous gradient lip colour that will last for 3-4 years. No pain and no swelling/very minimal swelling(depending on individuals).

***At Beauty Recipe we use brand new and single time material which we throw away after each treatment for hygiene purposes. You can be assured that every needle, color cups, color pigments and items that touches the client skin are not reused.

Who should go for lip embroidery?

Are your lips?
1.Too dark?
2. Too pale?
3. Asymmetrical?
4. Unbalanced?

These are the 4 common types of people who should definitely opt for lip embroidery. Lip embroidery is great for anyone who wants to enhance and balance their lip color and here at Beauty Recipe Aesthetics, we have the best therapists and products to cater to your needs with proven results!

After all the peeling is gone on the 4th day, the lips are in a light orange pink colour which is really natural. The colour was exactly what I wanted to correct off my previous ugly lip colour. I really love the results! So does many of Beauty Recipe’s Clients whom have tried out and amazed by the lip embroidery. There are also many guys who smoke with dark lips doing this lip embroidery to correct their lip colour as well because no swell and the embroidery can be done with very natural colour right after the session.

Our promotion price for Lip Embroidery deal is $588 (U.P $980) includes a touch up within 6 months

All the colour dyes we use at Beauty Recipe are Organic Plant Based which are very safe so it will not cause any sensitive reaction or side effects.