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Enhancing your looks with Latest Semi Permanent Makeup Techniques is now Easy at Beauty Recipe

Beauty Recipe is most well known for our Korean Semi Permanent Makeup. Our therapists and trainers are experienced, well trained and updated with the latest semi-permanent makeup in Korea to bring you the latest trend with the best techniques available out there to ensure customer satisfaction as our priority.

Our organic color pigments used are fully plant based from Korea for our Eyebrow, Eyeliner, Lip Embroidery, Watershine Covered BB Treatment so it is safe for our clients, produce the best results and will not change colour overtime.


We have an extensive range of colour pigments available. The colours are then indiviually tailored and mixed specially to match our client’s own eyebrow hair colour and skin color so that it blends in naturally making the eyebrow embroidery look even more realistic.

You can view the video below to see that our famous Signature 6D Nano Eyebrow Embroidery strokes are so natural that you can hardly differentiate it from the own eyebrows. We dare to show videos of our works to give you confidence in us as photos could be edited and filtered but not videos. No pain, no redness and no swelling even immediately right after the treatment. :)


Whether is it designing the shape of brows to suit clients to the detailing of our embroidery, our service standards and our work are meticulous with numerous of compliments, recommendation and great reviews all over the internet. Beauty Recipe is also a government approved training institute supported by Skills Future SG with many local and international students sort after for our professional trainings.

I know many people are very skeptical or worried whether is it possible for eyebrow or even eyeliner embroidery to be really painless? I can tell you that Beauty Recipe try our very best to make the experience as comfortable as possible for all our clients and the process painless for all. Real Skills with no gimmicks or hard selling at Beauty Recipe!

Below are some of the most recent reviews.

Painless 6d eyebrow embroidery review Singapore

Painless 6d eyebrow embroidery review SingaporePainless 6d eyebrow embroidery review SingaporePainless 6d eyebrow embroidery review Singapore

Our Eyeliner Embroidery is a must try! Everyone are surprised by our painless, instant beauty technique at only $388 including touch up within 6 months. (U.P $688)

Eyeliner embroidery Singapore

Most Popular: Our well known Signature Super Natural Korean 6D Nano Eyebrow Embroidery! Promo only $488 including touch up within 3 months. (U.P $1088)


New in town from Korea: Water Shine Covered BB Glow Skin Treatment for glowing, radiant, pore less skin! *SUPER VALUE OFFER – Free Hydro-dermabrasion, RF firming, Electro Therapy and LED Light Phototherapy Treatment with Water Shine Covered BB Glow Skin Treatment by Senior Beautician with over 30 years experience*

Instant Glow Skin only at $288!



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At Beauty Recipe you can be assured to find highly skilled and geniune good services that is reasonably priced with no gimmicks or hard selling.

Check out the links to the pages for our latest promotion prices. Hurry book now at 6567 3568 to look fresh for Year 2017!