Lash Lift + Semipermanent Mascara Course

Keratin Lash Lift, Lash Tint and Semi Permanent Mascara Training Course

Keratin Lash Lift & Semi-permanent mascara is the latest craze in the wacky world of eyelashes. Huge in the US and Europe. Be fast to pick up this great technique that will change the world of eyelashes beauty at Beauty Recipe in Singapore.

Total Training: 8 hours

1 Day 

Total Training Fees with Materials: $888 

3 models included for practice

 (Course fees $168 can be subsidised with Skills Future Credit Grant eligible for Singaporeans + Materials Costs: $720) 

Course Details

  • What is lash lift, lash tint and Semi permanent Mascara
  • Hair Structure and Anatomy of the eye
  • Health, Safety & Sanitation
  • Contraindications
  • Consultation & Suggestions
  • Patch Test
  • Cost of treatment and Income Potential
  • Advise for Therapist
  • Storage of products
  • After care advise for clients
  • Preparing the Work Station
  • Procedure for Lash Lifting Demonstration
  • Procedure for Lash Tinting Demonstration
  • Procedure for Semi Permanent Mascara Demonstration
  • Practical for students to hands on and practice on their 3 models



 Materials Included

– One Shot Lash Lift 30 packs of lift sachets

– One Shot Lash 30 packs of neutralisers sachets

– Combo 5 Pairs of Silicone Rods

– Glue

– Remove sample

– Application Brush

– Lash Lifter

– Tint colour

– Oxidising Agent

– Semi Permanent Mascara

*Materials able to service 90-100 customers*

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