Hairline Embroidery

Hairline Embroidery with New Spin Wheel Roller Blades Technique

New invention of the Spin Wheel Roller blades has made a massive impact on semi permanent makeup techniques and it can be used for hairline embroidery as well making it more lasting compared to the old method because color absorption rate is much better, faster and painless.

This new technique further improved by us provides pain free and lasting brows, hairline & scalp.

No risk of inflammation, no scabbing, no downtime and able to wash your hair the very next day.

Spin Wheel Roller Blades Needles Eyebrow Embroidery


Hairline embroidery is an efficient and easy way to get rid of the empty spaces on your forehead and also make you look younger. It is an much cheaper and less painful way compared to hair transplant. Hairline embroidery looks very natural and it can immediately extend your hairline. This semi permanent makeup usually last around 2-3 years.

Better way for Hairline

Previously before invention of spin wheel needles, hairline embroidery was done by the microblading method with either 14-18 pin needles cutting the skin to create lines on the scalp which I personally find it too artificial looking and not mentioning having to go through peeling/scabbing that wasn’t fantastic with unable to wash the hair for days, colour absorption is not as high compared to the spin wheel so therapist has to double cut and blade in colour at least a number of times on the scalp to make sure that there is colour. OUCH! This is also much more painful compared to the spin wheel method while client will only feel slightly ticklish when using the spin wheel roller blade.

The spin wheel blade is just simply amazing, other than fast colour absorption, the colour retention is also more lasting compared to the old method of doing hairline.

This new method provides more realistic effect, pain free and lasting hairline and scalp micro pigmentation.

Promo Price: Only $599 including touch up

 Sounds good?

This is the furry look you get with the spin wheel roller technique instead of patch lines with old method done by microblading.

Hairline Embroidery Singapore

Hairline Embroidery Singapore before after

Hairline Embroidery Singapore 1best hairline embroidery Singapore

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