Eyelash Regrowth

Eyelash Regrowth Stimulation Treatment 孕睫术 is the latest new popular treatment for those who want to grow natural longer and thicker lashes. It uses combination of a nano technology machine to stimulate and activate the roots of the eyelash hair follicles then using eyelash serum to activate the cells and provide nutrients to improve the growth of the eyelashes so your eyelashes would become thicker, denser, blacker and longer.

Similar concept to those hair growth treatment theory, activating and stimulating the hair follicles is a very important step before any product or serum can work well to give even better results. Now there is technology to even stimulate and activate natural eyelash growth. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Eyelash Growth Stimulation Treatment Singapore


  1. Activate and stimulate eyelash hair follicles
  2. 7-15 days your hair follicles will condition themselves to prepare for growth
  3. 3-4 weeks new fine eyelashes will start to grow out
  4. 35-50 days eyelashes become thicker and darker
  5. 60- 90 days results of thicker, denser, blacker and longer eyelashes .


Is it Safe? 

Eyelash serums are made with natural ingredients especially made for the eyes and very safe. The nano plates will be rolled gently on the eyelid which will open up and stimulate your eyelash hair follicles causing them to be active for healthier growth and better absorption with the serum.

Where can I do this treatment on?

You can do this on both upper and lower lashes. Even on the eyebrows too to  grow more eyebrows on the sparse gaps of your eyebrows. Works the same way!


Eyelash Growth Stimulation Treatment Singapore

Which woman doesn’t love to have longer, thicker natural lashes? Long lashes will make your eyes talk. But most of us ladies especially Asians are are not happy with our lashes. This technique has proven it’s effectiveness with amazing results! No need anymore for monthly eyelash extensions to achieve that dolly like lashes because you will be surprise how much your lashes will grown and thicken. 🙂

Below are some photos showing the effects and results of these Eyelash Growth Stimulation Treatments. 

Eyelash Growth Stimulation Treatment Singapore


Eyelash Growth Stimulation Treatment Singapore



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