Eyebrow Embroidery Types & Prices

Types of Eyebrow Embroidery

What are the types of Eyebrow Embroidery in Singapore?

The trend of eyelash extensions and eyebrow embroidery in Singapore are in the spotlight as more consumers are going for eyelash, eyebrow grooming service and brow products to enhance their looks. I have been in love and studying about semi-permanent makeup since 2007 when I was first introduced to it living in South Korea at that time. Eyelash extensions, eyebrow embroidery, eyeliner embroidery, lip color embroidery are all part of the semi-permanent makeup trend. Any new courses or products out there I would be the first to attend and to try out. Beauty Recipe also run training school and courses to teach all these latest techniques.

Many consumers out there are confused of the types of eyebrow embroidery 3D,4D, 6D, Korean eyebrows, misty powder, gradient, and all? These are common questions I am being bombarded with all the time. There are many different names to it and it is indeed confusing that most people do not know what type of eyebrow embroidery effect they are getting. So I am here today to talk about and explain the different types of eyebrow embroidery and their advantages. Any other questions you have, don’t feel shy to drop me an email or message too. 🙂

Types Eyebrow Embroidery Shape?


 Many confused the term Korean eyebrows as the type of technique used for the inner effect of how the eyebrows are being done. Actually Korean eyebrows simply refers to the shape that is thicker and straighter. My recommendation is that it is best to let the eyebrow therapist design the eyebrows to your face shape that will most suit you first and then adjust the shape accordingly to combine with what you like to get the best results. After all, thick and straight eyebrows might not be suitable for everyone as we all have different face size, shape and proportion of features. Eyebrows when done nicely can help you to compliment the golden ratio of your features.

No matter what technique that is used to create the inner brows effect later on during the treatment, the eyebrow shape is of the most importance when it comes to eyebrow embroidery. Me and all of the staffs at Beauty Recipe are well trained makeup artistes even before they took up eyebrow embroidery courses therefore we are all very outstanding in our eyebrow shape designing to make our customers satisfied is our priority.

3D Creative Eyebrow Embroidery (绣眉) promo price $288 (Usual Price $488)

*Single base color coloring effect which look like eyebrow pencil drawn with one layer basic line strokes in between


6D Nano Eyebrow Embroidery (线丝雕眉) promo price $488 (Usual Price $1288)

* Fine line strokes with overlapping of layering in the direction of your natural hair growth to blend into your eyebrows to look like real hair as much as possible. At Beauty Recipe, our works are so good that it will be hard to tell your real brows from the embroidery.


Powder Gradient Eyebrow Embroidery (粉黛眉)promo price $588 (Usual Price $1288)

* 3 different shades of brown from light to dark tone with the powdered stardust shadow effect to create that pixels spots soft demure feminine eyebrows


Half 6D Nano + Half Misty Eyebrow Embroidery promo price $688 (Usual Price $1288)

*Great for people with very sparse eyebrow hair with totally no eyebrows at the tail part of the eyebrow.


6D + Powder Gradient Eyebrow Embroidery (丝雾眉) promo price $888 (Usual Price $1888)

*The most trending eyebrow at the moment is the addition of powder gradient effect embroidery to the 6D Eyebrow Embroidery for more definition and longer lasting results


Eyebrow Color Correction promo price $288

*If you have old tattoo or eyebrow embroidery that has become Green/Blue/Redish in color, we are able to correct the colour for you. However if you prefer to remove by laser removal we provide unlimited laser removal at $388. Call us for more info


Men Eyebrow Embroidery (添加毛发) promo price $588 (Usual Price $1288)

*Men’s Eyebrows are done with a different technique with no clear define shape to make it look as natural as possible. Fine hair-like strokes are added carefully on parts where hair is sparse to fill up the eyebrows to make it look more manly.


All prices inclusive of GST and 1 free touch up within 3 months.